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Are you an engineer by trade but a writer at heart? Are you passionate about technology and getting to the bottom of how software works? This role is an opportunity to trade programming for prose, yet still keep your technical skills shiny, rust-free, and situated toward the top of your toolbox.

Trilogy is redefining customer support by building a cutting-edge Knowledge Base platform, equipt with AI-powered tools and the best technical writing talent available across the world. Our key to building a highly scalable, high-NPS support organization is simple—we treat knowledge as our most important asset. We make sure our repository of technical wisdom grows as rapidly as we do, and we rely on great writers like you to never stop learning.

Trilogy is betting on the KB Project to revolutionize customer support, and this role is essential to its success. Technical writers, welcome home.

What you will be doing

  • Writing the Knowledge Base (KB) articles that are the core of our global customer support organization. Each day, you will flex your technical skills and writing ability.
  • Making continuous improvements to existing articles to make them unique and complete. The product details in KB articles will simplify and exponentially improve the work of our customer support team.
  • Writing training curricula and certification tests for L1 and L2 customer support agents.

What you will NOT be doing

  • Writing technical specs, user manuals, or marketing materials. Our KB articles are not general overviews. We are specific and intentional in our customer support solutions.
  • Creating product material simply for the sake of having it. Each article you write will link to tangible business value. You will not spend your time writing useless articles.
  • Interfacing directly with customers. Instead, you will contribute to a comprehensive library that will guide our customer support operations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Creating and curating KB articles that solve our customers’ most important problems and result in 95% first contact resolution.

Candidate Requirements

  • Technical depth gained through experience in technical positions such as software development, DevOps, or advanced (L3) support.
  • Ability to understand code, scripts, and database queries. While you will not be writing code in this role, you will still need to pass a basic coding assessment to get hired.
  • Ability to write clearly and concisely in English.
  • Ability to work 100% remotely from your own home office.

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