Virginia, United States |  Product Knowledge Curator, Trilogy, Trilogy

Teague James

Teague James was recruited by Crossover to become a Product Knowledge Curator at Trilogy – which is really a fancy way of saying he can explain just about anything about any app to just about any audience.
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How did you find Crossover?

I spent the last twenty-something years in the bricks-and-mortar world, sitting in traffic, going through all the things you do in that life. Three years ago, I found Crossover and at that time, let’s be honest, I was a little skeptical… is this remote position too good to be true? And here I am three years later.

What does your role entail?

Trilogy gives me applications that they’ve acquired, and I develop Knowledge Base articles that will help either the end-users or our agents solve problems and learn how to use the product. Before coming to Crossover, I really had no idea of what the process is like. Now, I get to solve really cool and interesting challenges.

What’s your team dynamic like?

These are the hardest-working people in the industry. Everything’s asynchronous, people expect that you need to focus on your work to do a great job of it.

What traits do Crossover contractors have in common?

It's really important to just kind of have that self-motivation to always want to push yourself to the edge to say “yeah, I did pretty good there. And now let's do better.”

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