Senior AI Innovation Specialist - Services & Support
$100,000 USD/year Pay is set based on global value, not the local market. Most roles = hourly rate x 40 hrs x 50 weeks ($50 USD/hour)

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Senior AI Innovation Specialist - Services & Support $100,000USD/year ($50 USD/hour)


Are you an AI enthusiast eager to harness the power of LLMs to revolutionize customer service? IgniteTech is seeking a dynamic innovator ready to lead the strategic application of AI technologies, transforming business processes and driving significant growth in service quality and client retention.

In the domain of customer support, companies tend to struggle with the challenge of enhancing service quality while scaling operations efficiently. Industry data underscores a pressing need for rapid response solutions that not only address customer issues effectively but also anticipate needs before they become problems. This dynamic environment demands a fusion of advanced AI capabilities with practical, customer-centric applications.

At IgniteTech, we set ourselves apart by leveraging GenAI tools to forge new paths in customer service. Unlike typical industry approaches that focus narrowly on incremental enhancements, our strategy is rooted in substantial, practical innovations that directly impact customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This radical application of AI technologies translates into faster, more predictive service solutions that are reshaping how businesses interact with their clients.

This role is a gateway to pioneering the integration of AI in enhancing service delivery. It diverges from conventional AI positions by focusing intensely on strategic deployment and optimization of AI within support frameworks, rather than broader AI strategy or mere research. Ideal candidates are those who relish the challenge of navigating uncharted technological territories, enjoy the hands-on application of AI tools, and are motivated by measurable impacts on service standards and client retention.

Joining our team means becoming part of a visionary group dedicated to transforming the landscape of customer support. We are looking for forward-thinkers eager to lead the development and integration of AI-driven solutions, mentor burgeoning talent in cutting-edge AI applications, and significantly elevate our service capabilities. If you are passionate about making a tangible difference through innovative AI, we encourage you to apply and help shape the future of customer interactions at IgniteTech.

What you will be doing

  • Design and Refine AI tools that are tailored to enhance the customer service experience. This includes creating systems that predict client needs and automate responses, which not only improves response times, but also increases overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Produce detailed reports on the integration of new AI technologies within existing service frameworks. This involves leading the integration process, ensuring compatibility, and making iterative improvements based on performance data and user feedback to optimize service operations.
  • Develop and lead educational initiatives such as workshops or training modules for team members. These efforts focus on upskilling the service team in the latest AI technologies and methodologies, fostering an innovative, learning-driven environment within the service department.

Key responsibilities

  • Elevate IgniteTech's service standards, positively affecting business growth and client retention.

Candidate requirements

  • Professional experience leveraging LLMs, such as ChatGPT, Gemini, or Claude, to automate manual tasks and boost your company's productivity
  • At least 3 years of experience in B2B software customer support

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Teague James
Teague  |  Product Knowledge Curator, Trilogy
United States  

Teague James was recruited by Crossover to become a Product Knowledge Curator at Trilogy – which is really a fancy way of saying he can expl...

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