Academic Coach - Math, (United States) - $100,000/year USD

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If you aced the AP Sats or Calc exams and are ready to help others do the same, we want to talk to you! helps gifted and talented students accelerate their learning via fully remote educational apps. We believe technology can deliver an educational experience that engages and teaches kids 3-5x faster than the standard teacher-classroom model. 

You will approach learning through the lens of tutoring: when students only have 1-2 hours a week to spend on a subject, what are the most important concepts, tools, and skills to learn? Success in this role will be measured by the percentage of students scoring 4+ on their AP exams.

If you’re eager to give kids a learning experience that actually makes them love school, we urge you to apply.

What you will be doing

Starting on Day 1, you will:

  • Identifying the best available learning resources that help students learn, practice, and master AP Statistics and AP Calculus (AB & BC)

As our student enrollment grows, your duties will expand to include:

  • Designing activities for live Zoom sessions that capture the attention of 9-12th grade students better than social media or video games
  • Hosting live Zoom sessions with both individuals and groups
Key Responsibilities
  • Making curriculum design decisions to align the program with College Board standards
  • Ensuring students in the program are active and engaged
  • Constantly improving the program to enhance student engagement and achievement
Candidate Requirements
  • A Bachelor's degree in Mathematics or a related field (computational science, statistics, engineering, etc.)
  • Attended a Top 15 US college or university
  • At least 2 years of experience tutoring AP Statistics or Calculus (1-on-1 tutoring) or college-level tutoring experience
  • Scored a 4 or 5 on the AP Statistics or Calculus exam
  • The ability to understand and connect with kids
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$100k/year ($50/hour)


United States

full-time Job

40 hours/week

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Long-term role