Inside Sales Representative
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Are you passionate about transforming education through cutting-edge technology and innovative learning solutions? Join us at, the pioneering EdTech platform revolutionizing gifted and talented student education. We're not just seeking a sales leader; we're looking for an educational evangelist and expert communicator who can educate and inspire parents about our transformative approach.

As an advocate for our mission, you'll play a crucial role in explaining and evangelizing our technology-based learning platform. This is not your typical sales job – we're not looking for script robots. We want individuals who can engage with parents, understand our program inside out, and passionately convey its value. Imagine being the voice that answers the questions parents have about our unique education model.

Your exceptional academic background will speak volumes and resonate with parents who aspire to the same level of excellence for their children. In this role, you won't just be selling; you'll be educating and explaining how our technology, algorithms, and responsible use of AI are disrupting and improving education.

You'll become intimately familiar with our program and work directly with parents to address their inquiries. You will be the face of our educational revolution, sharing insights on compressing a full school day into 2 hours while making room for crucial life skills. You'll be at the forefront of explaining how we use AI to bring historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Isaac Newton to life as virtual teachers.

Are you ready to be the expert who answers questions, alleviates concerns, and enthusiastically shares the vision of reshaping education? 

What you will be doing

  • Educate and Engage: Craft compelling educational narratives to engage with parents who have expressed interest in, answering their questions and explaining the unique features of our technology-based learning platform.
  • Success Coach Collaboration: Work closely with Student Success Coaches to understand the intricacies of our program and collaborate on strategies to effectively convey its benefits to parents considering enrollment.
  • Continuous Learning: Stay updated on the latest advancements in EdTech, our platform's features, and the broader educational landscape to effectively articulate the value proposition and answer inquiries with accuracy and confidence.
  • Storytelling and Advocacy: Develop persuasive stories and testimonials from current users, showcasing real-world success stories that demonstrate the positive impact of our innovative education model.
  • Lead Form Follow-ups: Proactively reach out to parents who have completed lead forms but have not yet signed up, addressing any concerns, providing additional information, and nurturing relationships to drive enrollment.

What you will NOT be doing

  • Cold Calling and Scripted Sales: Avoid repetitive cold calling or following rigid scripts; this role focuses on educational engagement and personalized communication rather than traditional sales tactics.
  • Product Indifference: Steer clear of merely selling a product; instead, concentrate on explaining and advocating for an innovative educational solution that transforms traditional learning paradigms.
  • Hard Sales Pressure: Abandon high-pressure sales tactics; this role is about fostering understanding, addressing concerns, and building relationships with parents based on shared values and the transformative impact of our education model.
  • Static Knowledge Base: Avoid staying stagnant in your knowledge; continuous learning and staying abreast of evolving EdTech trends are essential to providing informed and up-to-date responses to parents' questions.

Key responsibilities

Educate, engage, and inspire parents about's innovative EdTech platform, ultimately driving enrollment by articulating the transformative value of our technology-based learning approach.

Candidate requirements

  • A degree from a Top 20 US university or college
  • At least 1 year of customer-facing experience
  • Stellar communication skills, with an ability to resonate with both parents and students
  • Ability to work afternoon and evening hours (up to 7-8 PM PST) and occasional early mornings (7-9 AM PST)

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Aliza  |  Sales Development Representative

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