Crossover Career Advancement Resources

We are committed to finding the best talent and providing opportunities for growth  


Crossover Career Advancement Resources

We are committed to finding the best talent and providing opportunities for growth  

At Crossover, we consider our efforts to be successful when our Partners, Managers and Customers are working with Teams that are challenged, enthusiastic and engaged - we are 100% dedicated towards achieving this goal.

To meet that goal, we offer a system of resources to Crossover Partners to help them to position themselves for success. 












The system of resources listed below are exclusively offered to existing Crossover Partners. To view our jobs listing and apply to become a member of this exclusive group of Partners, visit crossover.com/jobs.

Start your application by creating an account and profile with Crossover, then uploading your resume and confirming your email address. From there, the Crossover platform will guide you through the remaining steps.

Once in the partner network, the resources listed below are available to you to help you advance your career.

Already a partner? we are excited to help with your Crossover experience!

Crossover Partners are encouraged to grow in their careers and add value to the teams they are placed in.

The following system of resources are designed specifically to support your efforts to grow within your career field.

All Crossover Partners report their time and productivity using WorkSmart. This allows partners to pursue meaningful, data-based discussions about performance and advancement with their manager, on top of tracking billable hours.

If a Partner identifies a role on crossover.com/jobs that is a match with their skills and education, they are able to apply for these roles. Ideally there is a open communication between Partners and Managers throughout this process. If a Partner passes the quality bar and testing for the position applied for, we will assist in the transition to the new role.

**Testing is the same for current Partners and Candidates and the quality bar is not different for those already in Crossover positions. Crossover believes in matching the right candidates with the right roles, therefore priority is always performance-based. Though we do not extend preferential treatment is extended to existing partners where testing is concerned, their access to the Global Network uniquely positions them to network with hiring managers and broaden their base of professional support within the Crossover network.

your crossover partner network
As a Crossover Partner you are able to build your professional network through some of the options below: These contacts are always helpful when looking to identify potential career paths.

YOUR MANAGER - Managers are a valuable resource in Crossover career mapping. Partners are encouraged to keep their managers informed and work together towards career development.

YOUR TEAM - You will work with a team of highly-skilled Partners, with expertise in a wide range of technologies. These persons are allocated around the world, and some may even be in your own country!.

“Treehouse brings affordable technology education to people everywhere in order to help them achieve their dreams and change the world.” - Treehouse Mission

We make it our mission to support our partners in their career advancement efforts. As such we offer Treehouse Training for skills development and encourage all Partners to map out a path of success with their Managers.

We are always looking to assist our Partners grow and develop their careers at Crossover.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Career options available to you, please reach out to careergrowth@crossover.com.