Case Studies and Testimonials

— WorkSmart in Action 


Crossover currently has internal teams and clients using WorkSmart across 80 countries and has seen the impact on productivity that this tool provides. 

Here’s what people are saying about WorkSmart:


Andy Montgomery

SVP Aurea Engineering

Andy has recently taken on a 105-person team that’s costing $5 million a year to operate.  To keep track of his employees, Andy puts his new team on WorkSmart so that their time and activities can be measured. Andy assigns a metric, for example, number of tickets closed or number of widgets sold per week.

WorkSmart then runs and gathers data in the background while each person is working.  Analyzing the data, Andy discovered that the average productivity per person each week was around 2 (2 being the average of the custom metric that he had set).

Andy can also see his team’s performance and separate the top 80% from the lower performing 20%. The very top performer on his team now shares his calendar in team meetings so that other team members are able to replicate it and match their activities to that of the highest performer. Based on this data, Andy can match everyone’s activities and calendar to the highest performer and is able to increase productivity and the team is more efficient at a lower cost.

Andy expects that by the end of Q1, their overall spending will be reduced by 20% and they will have an average productivity of 3.1 / person – a 50% increase in productivity and 20% cost reduction all within ONE MONTH of using WorkSmart.

Again, this was achieved by:

  1. Complete a stack rank of team members
  2. Identify the bottom 20% who are not contributing to the team’s average productivity
  3. Match calendars and activities to the highest performer

Andy says:

“By the end of Q1, our team will have seen a 50% increase in productivity and 20% cost reduction all within one month of applying WorkSmart. Accomplishing this would be impossible without WorkSmart. I can’t do what I do in engineering without it – it’s literally impossible.
What I like about Crossover is that I can get good quality people, quickly. Any recruiting or staffing agency will tell you it takes three, six, or even nine months to create a quality 15-person engineering team. Here, you guys find the best talent in a few weeks.
I love the speed at which you can find this talent. I can staff a great team of people with Crossover for years and years. Crossover is 4x faster than any other recruiting methodology I’ve ever used.  Speed + quality – that’s how Crossover delivers us the best talent.”


Chase Russell

Team Lead  

“As the team lead for the Recruitment Analysts at Crossover, whose main function is to grade candidate applications, I wanted to make sure that my team’s time was devoted almost exclusively to grading on our new system rather than administrative tasks or to grading on an older, less efficient system.
The Activities module on the WorkSmart tool allowed me not only to see the reality of where my team spends there time, but it also let me set a clear plan for time allotment so that my team can drive towards an increase in productivity through time management. Since instituting the change, my teams metric has also continued to improve. I love that the WorkSmart tool is based on solid, unarguable data rather than manual input. But I also love that I can categorize that hard data into custom categories that make sense for my team’s time.”