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Chief of Staff

If you are a cross-functional leader, an execution machine and want a perspective straight from COO’s office of one of the largest private software enterprises in the world - this role is for you.
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Chief of Staff
$100,000 USD Per Year



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We are looking for a highly intelligent, self-motivated individual that possess expert project management, task management, operational skills, knowledge of software engineering with experience in coding, an extreme attention to detail, and thrives in a fast-paced virtual environment to support our COO as Chief of Staff.  If you are a cross-functional leader, an execution machine and want a perspective straight from COO’s office of one of the largest private software enterprises in the world - this role is for you.


The right candidate to be the Chief of Staff will interact daily to prioritize and project manage work with top executives. She/he will assist the planning, coordination and execution of business initiatives including software engineering projects. The Chief of Staff will liaise with internal and external stakeholders to lead and support global engineering programs, executive communication and customer relationship management. Your goal will be to offload and handle independently as many of these requests as possible, ensuring that commitments and deadlines are never missed across the dozens of wide-varying tasks.

This is not an administrative assistant role.  You will be expected to solve complex problems, manage execution of projects across functional groups and have a deep understanding of engineering.  For example, your first assignment will be to deep dive into the docker based development environment platform called “devspaces”and prepare a business value delivery report.



Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive the COO’s Business Value Goals

  • Prioritize and triage requests from throughout the global organization

  • Independently able to navigate complex organizations and find solutions to tasks

  • Meet daily for a half hour with Group COO to ensure his commitments and tasks are met

  • Able to elicit required decisions to ensure your commitments and tasks are met

  • Create dashboards and provide deep dive analysis on key metrics that allows to identify any risk or deviation that prevents achievement of COO’s goals


Key Requirements:

  • Computer Sciences Bachelor Degree or Higher

  • 5+ years of experience in code writing for software development

  • Management Experience within International or Multinational Company

  • Project Management Experience across cross-functional teams with demonstrated ability to lead complex strategic and operational initiatives

  • Intelligent and organized with ability to manage a vast number of projects simultaneously and ensure that COO’s office never misses sensitive deadlines

  • Excellent English written and oral communication, presentation and facilitation skills

  • Comfort in a rapidly changing environment and able to work in virtual environment

  • Strong sense of urgency and results orientation


The Remote Life @ Crossover.

A key benefit of Crossover - and the cloud - is all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.

 Work from a home office or co-work at the many co-working spaces available to partners around the world

Work from a home office or co-work at the many co-working spaces available to partners around the world

We believe in equipping people to work where they can be the most productive and happy, with a commitment of 40 hours a week.

Crossover offers:







Step 1: Online Application

Start your application by creating an account and profile with Crossover, then uploading your resume and confirming your email address. From there, the Crossover platform will guide you through the remaining steps.


Step 2: Take the English and Fundamentals Test

We have a series of multiple-choice tests to check for the knowledge and skills needed for the role and an English exam where we ask candidates to upload a 2-3 minute audio submission. After this stage, you will receive an email invitation to the next step in the application process.

Step 3: Free Response Questions and CCAT Testing

In this step, we will ask you a series of free response questions that will simulate scenarios you are likely to encounter in the role. We find both the willingness to invest this time – coupled with the insights we derive from the answers – help us find the truly capable and passionate candidates. You may also be asked to make a presentation of your answers to demonstrate your communication skills. The free response section is an opportunity to preview the type of work you would be doing in the role and demonstrate your technical skills and abilities to hiring managers. The last free response question will invite you to complete CCAT testing. The CCAT measures cognitive aptitude or general intelligence, and tests an ability to solve problems, digest and apply information, learn new skills, and think critically.

Step 4: Join the Interview

The final step of the evaluation process is the marketplace interview. One of our hiring manager evaluators will speak with you on a video call to understand if you're the best fit for the position. In addition to technical and business questions about your current and previous roles and achievements, you may be asked about the answers you gave in your free response questions.

Step 5: Meet the Customer and Get Hired

If you successfully pass all stages of the evaluation process, you will have the opportunity to talk with hiring managers about the positions that are currently available. This is intended to be a two-way discussion where you can ask questions about the team, product, metrics, roadmap, etc. You can interview with as many hiring managers as desired and make the decision on which company or team best fits your interests and career goals.