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LearnWith.AI is an edtech startup that leverages AI and subject matter experts to cultivate a new way of learning. Our unique approach leverages 50+ years of learning science, cutting-edge data analytics and AI-powered coaching. In doing so, we can help students learn more, learn faster, and learn better - and have fun while doing it. We are a remote-first company that hires globally via Crossover.

What Are We Doing?

The US education system is archaic, and by necessity caters to the “middle of the pack”. Teachers are unable to provide the individualized instruction required to help all students excel. That’s where we come in. Using technology, LearnWith.AI is able to personalize education and drive incredible outcomes for our students. Whether it is helping them rapidly recover from learning loss, improve their grades, master the SATs, or score a 5 on any AP test… we can unlock students’ true academic potential. At LearnWith.AI, we are disrupting the status quo and helping transform the way that the world learns.