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Location: Argentina   |   Role: Product Manager, Zephyrtel

Now making over eight times her previous salary, Grisel - a Product Manager for our client Zephyrtel - has been able to realize many dreams over the past year. She is a homeowner, is getting married, and is able to afford treatments that will allow her to realize her biggest dream ever: becoming a mother. Meanwhile, she has been able to leap into the software industry, a career move she had been hoping to make by joining Crossover.


Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

Argentina's peso has been suffering a strong and terrible devaluation through the years, especially in the past four years. Although salaries never increase, groceries, services, healthcare and properties get more expensive as the dollar gets strong and our peso gets weaker. Before I joined Crossover I had been paying for my house for more than 4 years, and every time I did the math to check how long would it take to pay the loan, I realized it would take me another four years... I did the math in 2012, it would take me four more years; I did the math in 2017 and it would also take me four more years. It was just impossible for me to pay for it. The dream of becoming the owner of my house was always four years away.

I am proud and thankful to say that thanks to Crossover I am now the owner of my home, as I managed to pay my debt in full last month!!!

Also, thanks to Crossover, my boyfriend and I are getting married next March. And not only will we be able to do that, but just last week we started our medical studies to become parents as well. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary and low ovarian reserve, which makes it practically impossible to get pregnant without medical assistance. Treatments in Argentina can cost up to $10K USD, which we could have never afforded if it wasn't for Crossover.

What I mean to say is that thanks to Crossover we are able to finally start our family, with the security of having our own home and the financial security to help us initiate this exciting path to have a baby.

Crossover has DEFINITELY changed my life and I'm extremely thankful for it.



Tell us about your team.  How have your colleagues (teammates, managers, direct reports) helped you grow?

I had never worked for a software factory, but my teammates have always been really helpful (and patient!) whenever I have had questions. I have 15 years of telco background, and everything I know now about the software world is thanks to them. We have an amazing synergy and I'm really grateful for the team we have built!



In what ways have you grown professionally during your time at Crossover?

Before joining Crossover I had been a Technical Project Manager for more than 10 years in the telecommunications industry. Crossover gave me the opportunity to leap into the software world, which I was long hoping to do.

I joined the team 10 months ago, and found such amazing professionals and human beings, willing to give each other a hand whenever needed.  I have been widening my own technical skills by constantly asking questions to my teammates, who always reply with so much patience, skill, and professionalism.

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