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Location: Nyíregyháza, Hungary   |   Role: SVP of Engineering and Operations

Jozsef C, SVP of Engineering and Operations says the growth rate at Crossover is characterized by a “pretty aggressive curve.” The most successful people are those who stay ahead of this curve. Jozsef has accomplished exactly that during his past three years, as he has taken on increasing responsibilities and earned a promotion from VP of Engineering to SVP of Engineering, which entailed a 2x increase in compensation. We connected with Jozsef to hear more, and to discuss what he thinks it takes to be successful in such a rapidly growing organization.



You’ve had an impressive career progression at Crossover. Can you tell us how your promotion from VP of SVP of Engineering and Operations happened?

I joined Crossover as a VP of Engineering three years ago. What’s unique about this company is that we are very objective… We have to be because we are remote so we measure everything. We just look at the data. And if you use data, you can be very objective.

My manager decided at one point that I was ready for the next level - to be an SVP of Engineering. When told him “Hey, thanks for your trust” he said “this is not about trust. I already know you’ll succeed because look at these numbers.” The complexity that I was able to manage, the improvements I was able to bring to the company...

It was a Friday, and he said “okay so from Monday, you are now an SVP.”

They doubled my salary.

No matter how much you make, when your salary is doubled, it’s a great event in your life.


I understand you were weighing a couple of other offers from companies like Facebook and Spotify before you joined Crossover, and you were actually directing the entire engineering organization at Prezi before then. What did your process look like to join Crossover?

I left Prezi in Budapest and was looking at a few other abroad options, including Facebook in London and Spotify in Stockholm. I didn’t want to move to either of those countries though; they aren’t in my top 5 countries to move. But it was right before Christmas, and Crossover reached out to me. I didn’t have to make a decision on my other offers until January that year, so I figured I’d have a conversation. My wife and I had already moved from Budapest to Nyíregyháza at that point to be closer to our family. My wife’s parents are there, and my parents live in Ukraine, close to the border.

Crossover gave me a test, which was really hard. I thought that was a good sign. It took me a day; I had to create some presentation and go deep in a project. I enjoyed that. I had an interview two days later and an interview the next day. It happened super fast.

I liked the people I talked to in my interviews; they all seemed super smart. I started at Crossover the very next day, thinking I’d give it a shot for a few weeks.

Basically, I fell in love. I really enjoy this. So after just two weeks at Crossover, I cancelled all of my other opportunities.


You’re also celebrating a few things in your personal life since joining Crossover. What has changed in the past few years?

When I started working for Crossover, I had a fiance. When I worked for Prezi, we did some traveling to San Francisco and really enjoyed the city. At the time, we joked that we should get married there; City Hall is so beautiful. Crossover allowed us to make this happen. San Francisco is a super expensive city for one, but the remote work also gave us more flexibility.

We invited our best friends and got married at the City Hall.

We have a daughter named Emma now. And because Crossover allows us to live anywhere, we get to have my wife’s parents in Nyíregyháza and my own parents visit from Ukraine frequently. I don’t have to choose between a certain lifestyle and a great job; I really get to have both with Crossover.


What do you think it takes to be successful at Crossover?

I always explain this to candidates I talk to, but there’s a huge growth rate at Crossover; it’s not linear. It’s a pretty aggressive curve. To be successful, you need to be the type of person who wants to stay ahead of that curve and improve every day.

Yes, we pay three to four times the local market wages but there’s a business case behind it. We believe you will bring that much more value than anyone in your local market as well. There’s no ceiling at Crossover.

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