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Location: India   |   Role: QA Manual Tester

At Crossover, Rahul’s compensation has increased to 5 times his previous salary. “For someone of my economic class and upbringing, this is a dream come true. It has elevated my family in ways I could never have imagined,” Rahul told us. And beyond compensation, he has enjoyed working with a team united by ambitious goals and strong work ethic. Because of his work, he has developed a growth mindset that has translated to both his professional and personal lives. Rahul told us more about the specific tools and projects that he has adopted that have made his time at Crossover more fulfilling than any previous work engagements.


What initially attracted you to working at Crossover?

Salary was a big motivator, as I am now paid 5 times more than I was at my previous company (and in USD, which is extremely attractive in India).

Culturally, I really resonated with Crossover’s values as well. I am passionate about remote work mostly because it allows me to work with top talent from around the world, people who enable me to learn constantly. I really cannot get enough of it, which is why I am so fiercely committed to this culture of working.

I also find that Crossover provides significant growth opportunities. On the personal side, I have adopted a growth mindset and actively seek out challenges that build up my skills.



Tell us about your team. How have your colleagues (teammates, managers, direct reports) helped you grow?

I really believe that I work on the best team in the world. Each team member has a unique set of skills, which has been especially fruitful because we constantly share suggestions of ways to improve processes. When you combine a diverse set of strengths with a culture of controlled experimentation, everyone really benefits. Everyone is incredibly supportive. And because we are distributed across many time zones, we are able to provide 24/7 coverage.

My manager is also highly skilled. He creates playbooks that contain detailed process for each task, which help standardize workflows in my team.. We work on quarterly goals, which clearly guide our work. And he hosts weekly team meetings in which we discuss progress, backlogs, blockers, etc. and provide assistance wherever required. Many managers in other companies follow these processes, but the structure that we follow at Crossover for all of these processes is unmatched.

The Crossover management portal also provides tools that enable us to monitor our progress: metrics, activity scores, spotlight applications, WorkSmart, productivity analysis, etc. All of these tools have been productivity boosters for me and my team.



Has your compensation at Crossover impacted you or your family in any meaningful way?

Yes, in so many ways. My father suffered from severe glaucoma, which is a critical eye disease.  It caused him to lose 90% of his vision, and the operation that he needed was prohibitively expensive for me before joining Crossover. After joining Crossover, I was able to pay for the surgery with only three weeks of compensation. This literally saved my father’s vision. And for the first time in my life, I am a homeowner! My Crossover compensation allowed me to easily get a house loan, which I am paying off quickly. For someone of my economic class and upbringing (my father was a poor confectioner hawker selling food items door-to-door), this is a dream come true. It has elevated my family in ways I could never have imagined.

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