Database Engineer

$ 30k USD/year  $ 15 USD/hour   40h/week   Remote Position   Long-term

Are you a highly motivated, goal-oriented, team-focused Database Engineer with a passion for supporting customer facing services, processes, systems and infrastructure? If so, then this role is for you?

Why Crossover?
Be a part of the fastest growing private equity portfolio in the world. Join our rapidly expanding partner network. Support an expanding global network of clients. A key benefit of Crossover is that all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.

A Database Engineer will be part of the team working to assure the overall availability and performance of production services against availability and quality SLAs.

You will respond to alerts or events that impair or degrade services and could cause outages that impact availability.

 Our ideal candidates are highly motivated, goal-oriented, and team-focused with a passion for supporting customer-facing services, processes, systems and infrastructure. We want people who are adaptable and can learn new things, and can use  new ideas and concepts to solve business problems

This position is 100% remote.


The Database Engineer is responsible for providing seasoned and experienced support to both internal and external clients for resolving database incidents and service requests.

You will adhere to internal processes for incident and service request resolution, and change management through proper execution and documentation.

You are responsible for developing expertise across our proprietary enterprise software products.

You will be leveraging your broad technology capability set and maintain a level of excitement in using various technologies to manage a real enterprise class product.


To be considered for this position you are required to take part in a mandatory training series and tests included in our 4-week Bootcamp program.

After grading your tests, you will be eligible to take the Bootcamp which is usually held within a week of obtaining your test results. You will be paid the full-time rate for 40 hours per week for four weeks.

Once the Bootcamp tests are complete, we will be able to evaluate you for the position correctly. Bootcamp is a very tough training program, and only an average of 50% of attendees can finish it. Taking the Bootcamp doesn’t guarantee that you will be hired, but it is a requirement as part of the hiring process.

A hiring event is a scheduled online event where all our relevant testing relating to a role is conducted on the same day. Submissions received during the event are graded the following week, and successful candidates notified if they have progressed to the next round which is an online interview with a Hiring Manager.


Work with product and vendor support technical teams as needed to resolve production issues, troubleshoot symptoms, and conduct root cause analysis with remediation plans or solutions

Evaluate all monitoring alerts and be capable of differentiate between valid and false positive alerts

Follow documented processes for troubleshooting, recovery and service restoration processes.

Fulfill defines set of tasks/processes in support of business and operational units

Providing in-office or on-call support in defined time frame

Readiness to give all the effort necessary to do an excellent job - even if it means putting in extra time to research the problem you’re facing

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or Computer Engineering

Exposure to multiple databases - Oracle / MSSQL / MySQL / Sybase and Nettezze is a plus

Good knowledge of monitoring and tuning databases to provide high availability service

A true “roll up the sleeves and get it done” working approach

Demonstrated success as a problem solver, result-oriented, self-starter

Comfortable “working virtually” with teammates and customers around the world. We do a lot of Skype and video conferencing

Good proficiency in English language
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A Tournament is an Online Hiring Event and includes all testing for the role at the same day. Upon grading the deliverables from the event, we will set up qualified candidates with an interview with the hiring manager.