EVP of Engineering and Operations

Do you want to use radically differentiated processes to run a world-class software engineering organization? Learn more about this role.

EVP of Engineering and Operations

$ 800k/Year   Flexible   Long-term
Good fit for: Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, COO, General Manager, CEO

Are you looking for a fast-paced and challenging senior executive position? Do you want to manage an organization in a radically different manner? Do you want to handle growth at high speed and lead 10X business growth?

As an EVP you will be responsible for an organization of at least 1,250 people and will be expected to manage over 2,500 individual contributors. The person filling this role will be responsible for managing an engineering organization,  as well as sales, marketing, and finance functions. You will be expected to drive continuous productivity improvement programmes for your teams while reducing costs and focusing on delivering the business goals.

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Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

As a seasoned executive with experience in a global leadership role, you will report to the Chief Operating Officer, and will also serve as a vital member of the global executive team.

In our business, the CEO and COO of the group companies set aggressive quarterly goals for the business. An EVP of Engineering & Operations is expected to lead the central organization towards achieving these goals. Our management process is to set weekly targets with daily check-ins to ensure we are on track to achieving the quarterly results.

We are an organization where the acquisition of software companies is one of our primary goals. The EVP will play a significant role in the acquisition of some of these organizations and may be expected to lead the transformation of any acquired company within our 90-day program. We acquire a company each week.

Overall you will be expected to run a world-class software engineering organization using radically differentiated processes. In parallel, you will run operations across a variety of disciplines including SaaSOps, IT Ops, Support, Marketing, Sales, and Finance. You will be expected to hire, coach, and manage 5-15 SVP level executives who will be managing global groups with our factory-like processes.

You will be expected to be an expert at aggressive goal setting. You should drive weekly productivity improvements to obtain significant levels of value at much higher levels than that which you will find in other companies. You must continuously improve the quality of your teams using our global talent sourcing. You will leverage your technical depth as a former developer and architect to set a personal standard for excellence.


Each week you will work across various areas of a company and be expected to:

Attain continuous process improvements in productivity and cost reduction

Manage 5-15 SVP-level executives who own a wide variety of critical business functions, but primarily focus on software engineering

Be a key contributor to our acquisition process and transform acquired companies within 3 months

You will also be expected to learn our management methodology which is radically different from that of other organizations, and apply your learnings during your coaching with SVPs and VPs.


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, or Physics is mandatory (MS is preferred)

5+ years of engineering experience managing software engineering teams and individual contributors

Proven track record running a 500+ person software engineering and operations organization

Experience managing at least 3 functions (e.g., sales, support of finance) outside of software engineering.

Spent at least 2 years in a hands-on software coding and architecture role

An advanced level of English


As an EVP of Engineering in our organization, you will learn what it takes to handle aggressive growth where we measure success on a daily and weekly basis.

You will learn the importance of deep dives to resolve problems with your teams as well as the importance of managing your team on a daily basis against quarterly set quantifiable goals which deliver real business value.

You will learn to measure and track output and results and how to automate everything that you do. You will learn how to overcome the challenges of managing a fully remote workforce of over 1,250 people. Ultimately though, you will learn to move fast, take risks, and learn from failures.  You will never be bored.

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and Answers

  • What would a usual day for an EVP look like? What are the main activities?

    The EVP will be involved in goal reviews and goal setting with teams, coaching SVPs and VPs, management reviews with the leadership teams (CEOs) of sister companies, senior management review of goals and high priority projects. The EVP of Software Engineering and Operations will deep dive into troubled areas and projects.

  • What do the first few weeks look like when a new EVP joins?

    Anyone who joins any of our management roles will be required to be part of the Executive Management University, where they will learn how to work with WorkSmart Pro.

    This is one of the reasons the role is so different and exciting. In order to succeed in the Manager University, the ideal candidate will learn the WorkSmart Pro Management Methodology, and unlearn practices and processes previously learned. Techniques used in typical executive management will not work in our remote environment.

    Executive Management University will provide the EVP the opportunity to learn what it is to be a WorkSmart Pro Manager in a day to day environment. He/she will do deep dives into quality bar failures to find the root cause, creating and executing action plans.

  • How do you perform in the role of an EVP of engineering when all your teams are remote?

    We use communication tools such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, Skype, and Slack. We also ensure that our processes are well documented in the form of playbooks and have developed a tool, Worksmart Pro, which enables us to keep track of time and applications used. This data allows us to form a diary of how our partners spend their day and coach them on improved productivity.

  • Does an EVP need to travel in this role?

    An EVP of Engineering is not expected to travel as all our management is done remotely. There may be some occasional management meetings which you would need to attend to.

  • Does an EVP work weekends or many hours during the week?

    You are expected to deliver 40-hours a week. You are also the manager of your own time and results will guide your weekly schedule.