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“Last year, I was making $9000/yr and struggling to cover my bills. Now I'm working for Crossover and making $30K/yr more, and banking it - wow.”

Roxana G., Candidate Sales

“I am making 4x what I was paid on my last job, and with the extra money I was able to pay my house Thank you Crossover!”

Alexandra M., Database Searchers 1

“I'm earning $50K more at Crossover than my last role and producing my best work ever!”

Sandor K., Senior Candidate Sales

“Never thought I would land a job as high-paying as this, but now I'm making literally 6x my previous job, and learning and growing more than ever have in my career!”

Andreea C., Candidate Sales

“The Crossover selection process is tough, myself and other 6 colleagues from Google applied and only myself I got the accepted. I meet some of the smartest people and I'm having a great manager - unbelievable talent.”

Guillermo L., L1 Customer Support Engineer

“I'm so happy to now be able to get my daughter her own room - thank you Crossover!”

Andreea B., Order Management Specialist



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