Executive Assistant
$100,000 USD/year Pay is set based on global value, not the local market. Most roles = hourly rate x 40 hrs x 50 weeks ($50 USD/hour)

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Are you looking for a role where you can have immediate impact to a high functioning team? Do you love to work with your executive team and clear road blocks before they even know they are there? Do you love to start each day proactively managing daily details of a busy executive? Do you thrive on productivity and apply that to the flow of meetings, work blocks, and travel times?

In this role, you will be part of a small, elite team of super-achievers. You will be thrown at different tasks and problems across the team and be expected to work cross-functionally across all of our functions.

If you are a hyper-logical thinker, mind reader and great communicator, we’d love for you to apply!

What you will be doing

You will start your day checking the calendars of your executives and making sure no conflicts or double-bookings have popped up over night. You will click into all the meetings and make sure there are zoom links and the attendees that are most vital, have accepted.

From there, you could find yourself focusing on expense reports following a customer event put on by your team. Then you would move on to processing contracts and purchase orders for vendors as they renew their work with us. You will likely be interrupted countless times by pings from the team members asking for guidance on available times of your executives to arrange meetings.

As you are finishing up the recent contract request, you will have to drop everything and book last minute travel for a customer visit including flights, hotels, ground transportation and dinner reservations. You look down at the clock and realize you are only half way through your day, but are filled with excitement and energy from all the opportunities you have had to be useful already today!

What you will NOT be doing

  • There is no answering of your executive's phone here.
  • There is no one standing over your shoulder guiding your every step.
  • You won't have an office to go to (we don't have any offices!)

Key responsibilities

  • Executive Calendars Management including online and in person.
  • Travel and expense reports for multiple executives
  • Contract and PO tracking and management to coincide with quarterly budget requirements

Candidate requirements

  • 5+ years working in a profession setting
  • Experience as an executive assistant or project manager for a company with 50+ staff members
  • Currently based in the Americas and willing to work US Central work hours

Meet a successful candidate

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Malin Raman Delin
Malin  |  Strategic Analyst
United Arab Emirates  

Juggling a high-powered career with the needs of a young family is no small feat. Malin Raman Delin found a remote job on Crossover that emp...

Meet Malin
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