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Are you a quota-crushing recruiter or salesperson looking to make a positive impact? Do you love the idea of using your skills to open parents' minds to a radical, new type of school fit for today's world?

Alpha is a private K-12 school unlike any other in the heart of Austin, TX. There are no teachers lecturing at the front of the room. There are no traditional grades. There are no assigned seats. All the old, broken ways of running a school have been rejected, and in their place are three fulfilled promises to families:

  1. Students will love school. Kids would rather be at school than on vacation.
  2. Students will learn two times faster than in a traditional school. 
  3. Students will learn life skills. 

As Alpha prepares to open new campuses in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Brownsville, we are looking for outstanding salespeople to recruit families that want a cutting-edge education for their kids. If you have experience meeting a sales or recruiting quota, are incredible at networking, and get excited about the idea of changing children’s lives, read on. 

What you will be doing

In this role, you will be the lead recruiter for a new school, enrolling 50-100 families each year:

  • Networking (social media, local media, existing connections)
  • Hosting campus tours and kickoff events
  • Developing relationships with feeder schools
  • Educating prospective families about Alpha's mission and vision and the impact it will make on their children's lives

What you will NOT be doing

  • Passively sitting in an admissions office waiting for the phone to ring. You will be aggressive and on the go all the time.
  • Wasting time pushing Alpha on families who aren't excited about Alpha's vision. A good "no" is as valuable as a good "yes."

Key Responsibilities

Alpha knows what to do to fill its schools with kids, as evidenced by two thriving Austin-based campuses. You will bring the "how" -- the energy, finesse and strategic networking instincts to execute a playbook that includes:

  • Conducting weekly small group family events
  • Meeting with families
  • Networking into local parent groups
  • Building relationships with top company recruiters, HR departments, realtors, and feeder schools
  • Monitoring the local social media chatter
  • Knowing how Alpha compares to local programs -- its strengths and its shortcomings
  • Generating referrals from existing Alpha families

Candidate Requirements

  • Willingness to work in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, or Brownsville five days a week
  • Demonstrated experience meeting a recruiting or sales quota
  • A college degree
  • Ability to legally work in the United States

Nice to have

  • Experience selling new, exciting products or services that required you to educate and persuade prospective buyers
  • Ability to acclimate to a new city or audience quickly
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