Customer Success Director

Job ID: 4575


Do you excel at deeply engaging with customers/clients around their business objectives and use cases in order to understand and maximize the business value that customers derive from your products and services, leading to world-class levels of retention, customer satisfaction, and top-line growth? 

Do you have the clear and direct communications capabilities to truly lead VP- and C-level customer discussions, cutting through the noise and keeping things centered on the true success priorities.

What you will be doing

  • Continuously learn and build domain expertise across multiple products and customers.
  • Analyze current product usage and other success indicators and identify specific improvement opportunities for each customer based on a prescribed success plan.
  • Lead structured Success Meetings to show customers where they currently stand and provide confident, clear success goals and next steps for them to grow their usage and value towards best practice. 


Key Responsibilities

  • Build relationships up to senior levels and conduct frequent discussions around business objectives, use cases, user adoption, analytics and business case metrics to understand customer objectives vs. current state performance. Use strong analytical modeling capabilities and advanced pattern recognition skills to provide logic for prioritized recommendations and to quantify success proof.
  • Leveraging these strategic, organizational and analytical insights, create and execute Customer Success Plans for your customers that unambiguously define the success goals and the actions required to achieve those goals. Drive against those plans to deliver to those objectives
    Navigate and lead the customer along the success journey, keeping them centered on the “north star” and proactively managing divergence/distraction . While our emphasis on being able to lead conversations is clear, we are seeking an empathetic active listener, not a tone-deaf bulldozer, with a superior ability to rapidly process information and (re)center conversations and actions to their essential core. You are a catalyst for focus
  • Conduct routine check-ins with customer contacts at a variety of levels to generate insight, guide actions and solicit feedback.
  • Leveraging your customer insights and Aurea’s best practice playbooks, create success plans for each of your accounts. For each success plan, our objective is to ensure that customers understand the plan, are aligned to the recommended actions and commit to that path.
  • Provide consistency as a valued partner in driving focused discussions, compelling decisions and explicit choices, challenging to yield prioritization, and (re)centering ongoing discussions & actions on those choices and resulting plan.
  • Work with Engineering, Technical Support, Professional Services and other internal organizations to deliver to success plan action items on behalf of the customer.  

Candidate Requirements

  • An undergraduate university major or minor
  • MBA or relevant advanced degree optional
  • 10+ years in the delivery of high-value customer success or consulting services to senior-level customers/clients, which include or are augmented by the following required experiences:
  • At least 4 years of experience working within a leading management consulting, systems consulting firm or in Customer Success of a SaaS company 
  • At least 2 years of leading relationships with senior-level business buyers of software-enabled products, services and/or projects
  • At least 2 years of experience in working directly with software in a customer-facing role (Success, Services, Solution Delivery, Account Mgmt)

Nice to have

Post-merger integration experience is highly-desirable, as is experience working in PE-backed situations

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