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Andrew Poje

Andrew competed in two Olympic Games before finding a new calling on Crossover as a remote coach at the new education tech startup: GT School. Watch the video to hear more of his backstory, or read on for Andrew's tips about how it all works—and why it's such a great role for an elite sportsperson.
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Watch Interview

What did you do before this?

Before joining the GT School team, I spent my time honing my craft of figure skating. I was fortunate to win national titles and compete in two Olympic Games. The dream of walking into a stadium of thousands, with millions on TV, became a reality after I committed myself to the work and persistence required. Along my journey, I took the opportunity to open my perspective living and competing around the world. I knew I wanted to make an impact greater than myself and this journey led me to the GT School.

What attracted you – an Olympian – to this role?

After being in the world of sport for my entire life, I was uncertain how much impact I could make in the e-learning space. Knowing that the company is in its early stages was also exciting and uneasy. However, after meeting the team and understanding their vision, I knew we could create impactful changes together. I think of the potential someone saw and unlocked in me, and I want to give as many as possible that same chance. 

After living my life in sport, finding a role where the experiences, habits, and stories are easy to come by and incredibly impactful has a genuinely fulfilling feeling. The job is challenging, but that challenge comes with the extreme reward of knowing the impact you are making on the lives of the new generation.

I have always been on the move, and to find a job that is this rewarding while still keeping that lifestyle seemed impossible. The compensation and the freedom ensure I can create a well-balanced life for myself. 

What's the coolest part of your job at GT School?

The most interesting and exciting part of the role is how the program is developing rapidly. Ensuring that we are getting constant feedback from the students to improve and elevate is a core trait of the company. Getting meaningful feedback from students does not go into some lost box but right into action to serve the students the best we possibly can. This constant improvement and search for excellence parallel the motivations in sport.

What does a remote coach actually do?

On a typical day, I find myself checking in on my students, giving them feedback and then jumping on a video call. Working as a group or 1-on-1 with them weekly to help inspire, motivate, and instill habits of high performers. Because it's remote, I can also continue the healthy balance in my own life because you never stop being an athlete. 

What do you not do?

I was worried I would have to teach the students the content and spend my days coming up with lesson plans with this role. However, the reality is that I spend my days listening, guiding through feedback, and telling stories of my sports journey to help instill healthy habits for achieving big goals. 

What was your experience with Crossover's application process?

The application process was unlike any other job application I had done before. In the beginning, it gave me memories of annual fitness testing, pushing me to understand where my strengths truly were. Although it seemed more rigorous, the testing allowed me to understand what is essential and articulate my abilities beyond a single page or LinkedIn profile. In addition, having the chance to show my worth towards the team and knowing my teammates had gone through the same process gives me immense confidence in my role.

What is GT School doing?

The traditional education system is one-size-fits-all. It fails to adequately serve anyone because it's attempting to serve everyone. GT School is looking to provide a solution to unlock that unmet potential within every student and utilize the ethos of sport to help create ambitious goals and processes to achieve them. GT School is helping kick-start the ripple of change needed to create a new generation of learning. 

What do you find most inspiring about this kind of coaching?

For me, it is all about helping others achieve their potential and opening up perspectives that they never knew existed. I have been lucky enough to experience that moment when a child finds their spark in a coaching session. The instant rush of energy and enthusiasm doesn’t fade but grows over time. The exciting part and challenge is to find ways to bring that out in every child. I am constantly energized by the children’s and other coaches’ unique views, growing into a stronger and more inspired individual every day!

What kind of person will love working here?

You will love this role if you have a passion for making a meaningful change beyond yourself. You will love it at GT School if you enjoy opening up the possibilities for the next generation, and the prospect of inspiring them with your experiences, feedback, and support.

Any parting advice for elite sportspeople on the fence about applying?

This role may seem too good to be true, but in my time here, I have seen that sport and elite athletes have a purpose and need in e-learning. The coaching team understands the athletic journey well because we have all lived it. If you have achieved elite status in your sport, you are not afraid of a challenge—you'll fit right in.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the GT School team – my Instagram is @apoje

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