SVP of Software Engineering, (Remote) - $320,000/year USD

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Are you a manager of game developers looking for the next big challenge? Do you have a strong programming and cloud background, enough to be considered an expert? There's no greater challenge right now than in the education sector, and we want you on our team!

We are GT School. Gifted and talented ("GT") kids are in dire need of support, and we think the next generation of educational software can fix the problem. We're building the metaverse of education, and we need someone to construct an advanced software development assembly line that is unlike any other.

Our "software factory" model is unique. Each product is carefully architected, using the latest cloud technologies, before the software engineers get involved. The software engineers get repeatable, well-structured tasks that get tested for quality and suitability. At this level, your job is to design and improve the whole system that defines, measures, and ensures the completion of all the software developers' tasks.

If you are deeply technical and want to build something impactful and visionary that will last, we want to hear from you!

What you will be doing

As a leader at our fully cloud-based engineering organization, you will be:

  • Leading with your technical expertise: You will guide the team with the software development experience you’ve gained over the years, pointing them in the right direction on the most complex challenges and newest technologies.
  • Spending one day per week digging deep into the product: By getting your hands dirty with the architecture and coding challenges, you will draw technical insights on how to move them to web-scale.
What you will NOT be doing
  • Project managing the work of low-level managers. We lead by doing, not by being hands-off.
  • Overseeing steady-state operations. Our culture is continuous improvement. You will never stop improving quality and productivity with deep knowledge and hard evidence.
Candidate Requirements
  • 5+ years of experience with coding or architectural design. You’ll have to pass a coding test to get this job.
  • 5+ years of leadership experience running enterprise software development. You need to have developed software at scale.
  • Ability to work 100% remotely from your own home office.
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$320k/year ($160/hour)



Working Hours

40 hours/week any timezone

Employment Type

Long-term role

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