Academic Coach - Test Prep, (United States) - $100,000/year USD

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Do you know the secret formula to crush the AP exams, SAT, or ACT? If you aced your own exams and are ready to help other students do the same, join! helps gifted and talented students accelerate their learning via fully remote educational apps. We believe technology can deliver an educational experience that engages and teaches kids 3-5x faster than the standard teacher-classroom model. 

In this role, you will map the content and skills needed for our high school students to ace the SAT, ACT, and AP exams. Next comes the fun part! You'll find the very best resources to deliver that missing content - testing hundreds of apps, games, and online videos to find the most effective and engaging options!

If you're ready to help revolutionize education, apply today!

What you will be doing
  • Identifying the best available learning resources that help students master SAT & ACT test-taking strategies and skills - through practice, mastery, and taking mock tests.
  • Helping students increase their SAT or ACT test scores in the most time-efficient manner possible - we want the time students put into the program to be valuable!
  • Designing live sessions that capture the attention of 8-12th grade students better than video games might, all while ensuring the learning time spent increases their test scores.
  • Hosting live sessions, carrying out 1-to-1 Academic Tutoring sessions with students, engaging students on the program via email/chat, and more.
  • Continuously innovating to increase student engagement and success
What you will NOT be doing
  • Lecturing or hosting traditional "classes"
  • Assigning or grading homework
Key Responsibilities
  • Success in this role will be measured by the percentage of students who score 1500+ on the SAT
Candidate Requirements
  • A bachelor's degree in any subject from a Top 25 US college or university
  • Experience tutoring SAT, PSAT, and/or SSAT test prep strategies
  • Able to commit to working 20 hrs/wk between 6 pm-midnight US Eastern time
  • The ability to understand and connect with kids
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$100k/year ($50/hour)


United States

full-time Job

40 hours/week

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Long-term role