NetSuite Chief Architect

$ 100k USD/year  $ 50 USD/hour   40h/week   Remote Position   Long-term

Do you have experience architecting and implementing solutions for large complex organizations and an expert in NetSuite? Are you sick of all of the random customizations you have to do instead of architecting the right solutions? Do you wish you could design a solution from scratch for a $1B organization? If so - this role is for you.

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Be a part of the fastest growing private equity portfolio in the world. Join our rapidly expanding partner network. Support an expanding global network of clients. A key benefit of Crossover is that all our roles are location independent. Live and work anywhere: work from home, a coffee shop or at one of the many co-working spaces Crossover partners can access and collaborate.

ESW Capital will be moving the entire $1B organization to NetSuite.  The NetSuite Chief Architect’s role will be to utilize NetSuite’s standard building blocks to architect, implement and deploy NetSuite across the organization.  

The key to this architecture will be to define and develop a central data structure to support the complex finance flows of a multinational and heterogenous corporation.

The NetSuite Chief Architect will collaborate with finance and engineering teams to convert their business requirements into live solution of enterprise quality.

He designs functions, prototypes and implements, tests, trains, designs support procedures, leads work streams and implementation. The NetSuite Chief Architect deploys the solution to meet the desired business goals and continually improves it.  

Success will be judged on simplicity and effectiveness.


This role may be a great fit if:
NetSuite integrations and customizations
Certified NetSuite Professional
Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills with the ability to exercise mature judgment Architect, implement and deploy NetSuite across the global company in an effective and scalable manner.

Develop a central data structure to drive standardization

Implement NetSuite using best software engineering practices - metrics, automated testing etc.

Design standard and simple support for Finance processes: invoicing, accounting, Accounts Payable (A/P), Accounts Receivable (A/R), Financial Reporting, General Ledger.

Integrate NetSuite Central solution to legacy systems, plan and manage data transfers.

Supervise, mentor and develop team members on NetSuite Central usage.

Develop a standard acquisition procedure to easily map legacy business processes and structures into simple and standard central data structure.

Manage all aspects for the solution to go from requirements to acceptance and sign-off.

Provide ongoing post implementation support to optimize user adoption. Suggestion of new processes to increase efficiency and productivity.


Master+ degree in computer science, information systems, or other technology-related field.

4+ years of experience in Software Engineering

3+ years of relevant hands-on NetSuite implementation experience in Finance / HiTech domains.

Specific experience configuring Netsuite as an ERP.

Experience of test planning, execution, and optimization support.

Strong problem solving and troubleshooting skills with the ability to exercise mature judgment

Experience multi-tasking, managing priorities, knowing what to do first and what can wait.

Working remotely, available at least partially during US business hours.

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Learn and Use Disruptive Technologies

Crossover is your chance to learn cutting-edge new technologies in AI, Machine Learning, Big Data analysis, NLP, Cloud services etc and also know how and when to use them.
Experience the Scale and Intensity

Crossover gives you an unprecedented visibility to the top technology companies throughout the globe and gives you an opportunity to work on multi-million dollar revenue products processing millions of transactions using revolutionary and radically differentiated processes in a high intensity environment.
Continual Improvement

With our culture of setting SMART goals, you will receive candid feedback weekly instead of waiting for quarterly or annual reviews to help you take timely corrective actions for your overall learning and development.

CA Level L1 L2 L3
Job Title NetSuite Chief Architect (L1 CA) VP of Engineering (L2 CA) SVP of Engineering (L3 CA)
Compensation $50/hr (~$100k/yr) $100/hr (~$200k/yr) $200/hr (~$400k/yr)
Role Type Individual Contributor Individual Contributor Individual Contributor and Team Lead
Job Title
(at typical previous job)
Data Architects

Senior Developers
CTOs & Technical Co-Founders of Startups

Architects at Top Software companies and Financial Institutions
CTOs & Technical Co-Founders of Startups

Architects at Top Software companies and Financial Institutions
Work Experience 3+ years experience managing implementation projects of Enterprise ERPs, engineering designs which other developers on the team implement.

3+ years experience reviewing and optimizing Data structures from a team of at least 3 people
3+ years owning the important technical decisions for a project 3+ years owning the important technical decisions for a platform / integration environment.
A good fit for... Technically strong, hands-on senior NetSuite developers who are interested in a career progression in Technical Management but have no Management experience.

They care a lot about creating simple, clean, robust Finance automation. They have opinions about what makes a great API, database schema, algorithm implementation, rollout procedure, monitoring strategy, etc.
Architects and senior developers who have experience making core technical decisions in implementation projects of Corporate ERPs AND can describe simple solutions to complex problems by using high-level architectural patterns.

They have strong (and well informed) points of view about when to use different technologies and solutions, they like to make bold decisions that control scope in order to simplify things, they enjoy designing solutions that minimize the code to be written
Experienced architects at larger established tech companies who have both deep technical experience and some management experience.

They simplify architectures and make scope decisions.

They are great communicators who see writing technical specs much like writing code. They enjoy developing talent on a team by giving clear and frequent feedback.
Core Deliverables Implemented and running ERP module
Including integrations, data processing, user training..
Successfully accomplished implementation project of end-to-end platform That make the Important Technical Decisions regarding Scope, Implementation, and Acceptance Criteria Hire and Grow VPs of Engineering

Define strategic decisions to automate and simplify processes
Architect-level Technical Experience YES YES YES
Management experience NO NO YES
Makes the most Important Technical Decisions (ITDs) regarding data structures, algorithms, third-party technologies.
Is able to communicate them clearly in writing.
Interviews, Trains, and Coaches resources. Reviews work and makes decisions simpler and more clear. NO NO YES
Primarily focused on UIs, mockups, and summarizing customer feedback NO NO NO
Primarily focused on engineering management and delivery (such as being a scrum master). NO NO NO


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