Brazil | Sales Operations Manager, Zephyrtel

Lara Nascimento

Lara joined Crossover when her previous company was acquired by a Crossover client. She quickly realized that her career was about to propel in many ways. Her compensation almost doubled as she was promoted from Coordinator to Sales Operations Manager, she received new and growing responsibilities, and joined a network of talent professionals working internationally but united by a common ambition. “Crossover has been changing my life for the better,” she told us.
Lara Nascimento, Sales Operations Manager, Zephyrtel

In what ways have you grown professionally during your time at Crossover?

I was a coordinator in my previous company and at Crossover I was promoted to manager. This new role is really challenging and is teaching me responsibilities, new activities, delegation, etc. I’m learning a lot. The work challenges me every day and makes me grow. I work with people all around the world, I make new friends, and I discover something new each day. I find opportunities to apply my knowledge and experiences into my day-to-day job. I am proud to be a part of a company that provides freedom and flexibility that allows their employees to pursue their professional or personal dreams. I have definitely taken advantage of that.

You joined Crossover after your previous company was acquired by one of our customers. What did the transition look like for you?

When I heard that my previous company was being acquired, I was invited to stay with the company. I saw on LinkedIn that Crossover has a large presence in Brazil, so I contacted some of them and began to see how lucky I was. Even though the entire company works remotely, I quickly saw the culture of unity. For example, the team in São Paulo gets together at least once a month and shares their experiences.

I got the chance to go to one of these gatherings before officially starting with Crossover. I received a lot of positive feedback from all people around the room. I learned that the company is reliable, transparent, and trustable and everyone was happy to share their experiences with me, no matter their background and the amount of time they already spent with the company. I understood that they were satisfied with their roles. My conclusion was that I was on the right path.

Three main things got my attention. First, even if we are hired as contractors, the company offers long-term contracts to allow us to grow with them throughout various projects. Second, the company offers competitive compensation. Last but not least, you are free to work from wherever you want. I was sure I wanted to jump into this company.

Tell us about a time at Crossover when you successfully completed a seemingly impossible task.

After I took care of the on-boarding and saw my professional life changed for better, I wanted to change it in the personal side as well. I decided to move to France and dedicate myself to learning a new language. This has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life. I have been in France for almost three months now; I can’t even explain how many new experiences I have had, how this changed me and made me grow personally. I became a polyglot and I live in Bordeaux, which is one of the cities inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. I met people from countries unknown to me; I discovered a world completely different from my own. I’m very fortunate that I made one of my dreams come true without having to quit my job. Crossover has been changing my life for the better.