Lodz, Poland
Java Chief Software Architect,

Over 9 years of experience as Java developer, architect and team-lead.

Passionate about technologies and values they bring to the end user. Eager to create simple but powerful solutions.

Not bound to particular technology, believing that languages and tools are only means leading to the goal. Always trying to choose the right tool for the right purpose.

Thanks to Crossover he can work from anywhere anytime he wants. The possibility of choosing to work late at night or early in the morning with a break for some sport whenever he likes is a new pleasant experience.




Crossover Poland General Manager

Markus has 20yrs in business and 15+ years in Management in various sectors ranging from the not-for-profit to the IT sector, with multiple startups under his belt. Three native languages with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, a Masters in European Studies and a Postgraduate in Development Cooperation Policy and Management. Markus has a passion for working for good causes with real impact, an avid user of all technology, learning on-the-go and improving himself. Markus does not back down from difficult tasks, has a start-up mentality mindset and a work ethic that he commits to with a smile.

Markus is excited about working with the best of the best and eager to expand Crossover in Poland. He’s inspired to build a larger presence in Poland and globally from a grass roots level, and in so doing furthering the Crossover mission. Crossover has given Markus the opportunity to work hard on something that he believes can change people’s lives, and it makes him work harder and feel connected to his work. The possibility of working remote has also opened up new possibilities that he did not have before, such as extensive moving and traveling whilst working.

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