3563 - Private Equity Business Development Associate

Do you want to join a an established private equity firm to develop private equity investment skills? Learn more about this role.

Private Equity Business Development Associate

$ 100k USD/year  $ 50 USD/hour   40h/week   Remote Position   Long-term

ESW Capital is a leading global private equity firm focused on lower-middle-market software companies. We are proud of our industry-leading track record of eighty acquisitions over thirty years, and we are just getting started.

To grow even faster, we have launched our “Proprietary Deal Team,” focused on direct company outreach and special situations. We are recruiting associates to identify, build relationships with, and acquire companies proactively, expanding beyond the firms’ track record of buying companies through investment bankers. This is a unique opportunity to join a startup team within an established private equity firm (the best of both worlds, growth and stability) and to develop entrepreneurial, business development, and private equity investment skills.

We are a global firm. You can be located anywhere.

Why Crossover?
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

We founded the Proprietary Deal Team in February 2018 with seven professionals. Within two quarters, we grew to eleven professionals, having contacted 11,000 companies, reviewed 250 deal opportunities, conducted formal diligence on 50, and acquired 5. This is just the beginning.

An associate on the Proprietary Deal Team joins a lean, efficient, and cohesive group sourcing acquisitions by direct outreach. We research, email, call, befriend, follow-up with, diligence, model, and - finally! - acquire B2B tech companies of all product and service types in all end markets. We are always learning, always growing.

We also boast a unique culture. (You will feel the difference if you've worked in private equity, investment banking, management consulting, or other areas of high finance previously). We do not micro-manage. We ruthlessly eliminate “busy work.” Also, we care about our people’s learning, development, and work/life balance. We are laser-focused on our audacious goal of becoming the world’s fastest-growing and most-active software private equity firm in the world. So we have to do everything right and treat our people well.


Successful associates:

Contact >6,000 new companies annually

Hold virtual meetings with 500 new companies annually

Maintain and grow ESW’s database of >50,000 companies by constantly adding new targets, taking careful call notes, and logging recent activity

Build simple financial models for attractive opportunities

Conduct streamlined business diligence to understand the key issues driving the target business’s value

Manage their opportunity pipeline to advance and project-manage the right deals and disengage with the wrong ones

Assume “special projects” as-needed to improve ESW’s approach, grow the team’s capabilities and knowledge-base, and develop themselves as holistic, well-rounded private equity investment professionals


Education: bachelor’s degree from a strong university.

Experience: two years’ work experience in one or several of the following areas: software sales or other technical sales; VC/PE business development; investment banking, sales-and-trading, or wealth management client development; or professional services, (e.g., management consulting, audit, financial advisory, etc.).

Impeccable English (native speaker or indistinguishable), to communicate effectively with companies’ executive teams

Salesmanship: must enjoy the sourcing process, i.e. the hunt of finding private equity investments. Can’t be shy or averse to “warm/cold-calling” small business executives. Must be a friendly, succinct, insightful communicator (writing or speaking)

Smarts: must demonstrate competence, intellectual curiosity, and understated confidence. Specifically, must have a functional understanding of finance and M&A processes (or must be able to pick it up quickly, because we have strong training). Must understand software businesses and market trends (again, or be able to pick it up quickly) to speak persuasively with industry executives

Independence: must be outcome-oriented, not task-oriented. Comfortable multitasking and resolving ambiguity. Willing to apply your own judgment to move-the-ball-forward autonomously even in uncertain and unfamiliar situations. Be efficient, focus on “key issues,” and don’t waste time. Be comfortable working virtually and largely on-your-own while maintaining motivation and productivity

Earnestness: must have no entitlement complex. Be willing to take on whatever must be done with a positive attitude. Associates must be coachable (willing to learn and take direction) because we refine our practices continually. Finally, associates must be conscientiousness, ready to “act like an owner” and do what’s best for the firm ESW, trusting the flywheel effect of a high-performing team (that rewards come back around)

carreer growth opportunities
Career Path:
While this is hardly a “sales position,” you will send outbound emails and conduct calls with management teams at target companies, and you will hold multiple, subsequent conversations to advance the right deals. Associates still get exposure to all facets of the investment process, including diligence, modeling, process-execution, and terms-negotiation. Notwithstanding this broad exposure and holistic development, this is a chance to learn what matters most with the people who do it best. Because in today’s competitive marketplace, wherein everyone can model and everyone can diligence, deal sourcing is the most differentiated skill in private equity.