Sales Development Representative

Are you seeking an opportunity to start a sales career and expand your skills across multiple products and industries? Learn more about this role.

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Sales Development Representative

$ 60k/Year  ($ 30/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

Do you take the responsibility to represent your company as first point of contact and be the initiator of potential sales opportunities? Are you challenged to target and discuss with key business decision makers? Are you ready to dig into business themes and needs to qualify SW sales opportunities to trigger revenue growth?

As a Sales Development Representative with initial technology, marketing and business knowledge you will follow up on leads, talk to customers to identify and qualify opportunities to initiate a sales cycle involving other team members in demos, calls and next steps. You will working remotely and flexibly within a global fast growing group of software companies that offer high paid weekly wages. This role is an opportunity to start a sales career and expand your skills across multiple products, industries, and business propositions.

“The Sales Development Representative ifs fundamental in our organization to generate quality and quantity of sales MQLs”
-David M, VP of Inside Sales, Crossover
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Why Crossover?
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

As a Sales Development Representative you will play a crucial part in our go-to-market strategy by handling inbound Marketing Qualified Leads and responding to inquiries made by potential new customers. 

You will be targeting decision makers in key companies in a fast and professional manner, focusing on the customer needs and how the product can solve their main business pains.

You continuously provide accurate information and an A-Class service to customers, with high focus within a high activity level. You are results driven and adaptable to new ideas and experimentation, being well organized providing accurate reporting.

As a first point of contact, key responsibilities are engaging to understand what the prospects are trying to achieve by looking for a solution.

You drive, ask and answer questions accurately and be helpful throughout the process.

The main objective is to qualify prospects (according to B.A.N.T. criteria ) to be passed to Inside Sales Representatives by constantly achieving weekly key performance metrics for phone calls activity, engagement results, number of chats, demos booked, etc.

The ultimate goal of your conversations is to ensure that our services will add significant value to the prospect and to set up a more extended discovery calls and demos.

You will quickly become knowledgeable on the market’s pain points and needed solutions which will serve as the basis for messaging experiments to refine our core product offering continually.

Crossover diverse portfolio of technologies will allow you to hone your skills across many different verticals and products. The ability to vary your sales experiences will allow you to accelerate your sales growth when compared to your peers.


Identify sales opportunities and start the sales cycle converting MQLs to SQLs by discussing the prospects needs

Calling prospects in real time and setting up next-step qualification calls and demos

Moving swiftly past gatekeepers and quickly engaging decision makers to agree to a next step discovery call or product demonstration

Clearly present the key benefits of our products to decision makers at prospective client companies

Carefully hand common objections to direct prospective clients and pass for an in-depth discussion with an Inside Sales Representative

Meticulously managing and updating lead information in our CRM pipeline and leveraging CRM functionality to maximize lead touch points

Qualify leads for the next stage with B.A.N.T criteria or similar methodology.

Achieve key performance metrics results in a fast paced environment


One to five years sales development experience having managed marketing leads and increased businesses ideally in the software or technology sector.

Associates or Bachelors’ degree (Bachelors Degree preferred)

Excellent written and verbal English skills

Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills with the ability to facilitate dialogue and collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams

Communication and listening skills, empathy, prospecting and questioning ability using IT tools and platforms

High focus, fast learning and adaptability skills for a fast paced environment

Self-motivated and able to work successfully in a 100% remote environment

At least 1 year experience with various technologies, including CRM and predictive dialers

You have experience qualifying calls/opportunities to the next stage with the B.A.N.T criteria or similar methodology.


In your role as Sales Development Representative you will burst your communication skills interacting with many prospect stakeholders internationally. 

Also Crossover affiliated companies will enrich your experience, fast scale and intensity to an unprecedented visibility to the diverse portfolio of top technology solutions throughout the globe that will allow you to hone your skills across many different verticals and products fitting into different industries.  

You will build your ability to vary your sales experiences to allow you to accelerate your sales career growth when compared to peers in other companies.

Your steps in the world of sales and business management will be directed to endless opportunities to work on multi-million dollar revenue using revolutionary and radically differentiated processes in a high-intensity environment with our culture of setting SMART goals, and strict performance metrics.

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and Answers

  • What are the main working tasks?

    You will engage in calls with prospects following up on leads and qualifying potential sales opportunities adopting B.A.N.T. criteria.

  • How would you describe the working culture and the methodology and tools are used?

    It is a fast-paced weekly deliverables schedule and in an innovative multicultural working model continuously challenging with excellent learning opportunities. Processes are standardized and repeatable across all companies, which is rigorously measured with accurate data available from Worksmart Pro, our team productivity tool.

  • Who does the position report to?

    The Sales Development Rep reports to the VP of Inside Sales who implements the defined sales strategy.

  • Where do you get your best leads? What’s the process like from there and which tools do your salespeople use?

    Leads come from multiple sources, i.e., marketing, and the SDR team are responsible to qualify them and hand over to the ISR to manage the whole sales cycle then using Salesforce CRM tools.

  • What is the compensation, model?

    It is a 60K USD per year or 30 USD/Hour for a standard 40 hour week, with no variable component but with strict weekly metrics and KPI definitions. Ranking and execution are fundamental.

  • Since sales is such a collaborative activity how does it work in a 100% virtual model?

    Sales teams are managed, and stack ranked based on specific settings using Worksmart Pro, which provides detailed team productivity data to be used with other tools to maximize customer engagement and revenue.

  • What are the career opportunities in the firm ’s group?

    It is a fast paced growing context due to continuous company acquisitions ( 50-100 companies), with the need to build, expand the sales team to support the firm’s growth. Therefore there are many strategic working and operational contexts to set career goals.