Senior VP of Sales

Do you have proven business acumen in achieving 1B$ in sales? Want to use new sales strategies and tactics? Learn more about our SVP of Sales role.

Senior Vice President of Sales

$ 400k/Year  ($ 200/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

Do you have proven business acumen in achieving 1B$ or more in software sales? Are you highly competent in renewing a broad and complex range of software products, and increase our footprint by using new sales strategies and tactics? If you also are Quota Club achiever from a top software company with an impressive track record in sales performance, leading by example, committed to the overall business strategy, then you may consider being our SVP of sales.

This is an exciting role, who manages a global team of more than 15 reps within a challenging, unconventional, global working culture, while setting the go to market plan to grow company’s value.

Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

Reporting to the COO, the SVP of Sales  will set highest level KPI’s leading to aggressive goals and quotas, driving the team performance on a daily and weekly basis.

You will be   immersed in daily tasks, as well as interacting with key cross-function stakeholders at a strategic level to monitor, set and improve metrics to grow company’s value.

This individual will work collaboratively with 50-100 Enterprise software companies using an innovative weekly time-based compensation model, committing to the  primary function of managing a variety of end-to-end activities including negotiating net new sales, renewals and giving daily support to the team.

The SVP of Sales will work closely with, lead and inspire a sales team of high performing enterprise & SMB software reps. You will be closing contracts with an average value of 1-20K USD. The SVP will use her/his strong hunter pedigree to bring new logos to our customer base by closing sales and creating profitable customer relationships.

As a sales leader with a proven track record, the SVP of Sales will provide practical guidelines and direction, coaching all resources in the organization's sales function,  through structured forecasting and the use of productivity tools and platforms.

He/She  is accountable for the organization’s sales team performance  and success across the entire portfolio, measured by achieving the sales goals, and continuous close interaction with board stakeholders to align sales objectives with the  business strategy.


A hiring event is a scheduled online event where all our relevant testing relating to a role is conducted on the same day. Submissions received during the event are graded the following week, and successful candidates notified if they have progressed to the next round which is an online interview with a Hiring Manager.


Drive profitable, organic growth in software and solutions sales with 90% focus on installed customer base consolidation and 10% on growing sales expansion through new acquisitions

Execute and operate while monitoring the market, inspiring and proposing data-driven improvement best practices, and adjust the offering to meet customer expectations and loyalty.

Recruit and further build the sales team

Use radically differentiated metrics-based management methodology to lead and improve the various centralized sales functions including but not limited to:
• Net new SW sales

• SaaS Renewal sales

• Recruit and onboard new candidates into the sales roles

Listen in on calls & give daily coaching sharing experience with the broader team

Constantly hands-on; reviewing, supporting and negotiating on sales calls

Raising high-performance WorkSmart Pro productivity standards for sales reps

Sharing transparent and honest data based feedback to salesforce

Building customer interaction and confidence during critical sales calls

Lead and motivate sales reps to deal ownership and factual success in closing


Skills and experience
• 15+ years of high-performing individual contribution in enterprise B2B software or solution net new sales, with awards from a top software sales organization. A star “hunter” pedigree

• 10+ years experience managing a team of 15 - 20 sales reps or an extend team of 50 indirectly through VP level reports

• 6 or more months per year as top performing

• Experience managing annual recurring revenue of at least 500 M - 1 B USD where the average ACV (annual contract value) of software sold is between $1K-$20K

• Comfortable leading in a team with a roster of wins as an outsider against better-known competitors

• Multiple experiences implementing or strengthening sales management processes

• Demonstrated ability to work with geographically dispersed and remote teams

• Effective written and verbal communication skills

• Technical or advanced degree, such as an MBA, from a top-tier university
Behavioral characteristics
• A process-driven manager with little tolerance for substandard performance and zero tolerance for lack of effort

• Performance and metrics driven

• Takes a consultative approach to selling value rather than solely taking a transactional approach to selling features/units

• Confident in always setting aggressive goals

• Excited to join a fast-paced organization with aggressive weekly goals and metrics oriented

• Willing to fit and adapt to a consolidated management methodology and company culture

• A “player/coach” manager who is unafraid to roll up his/her sleeves to get the job done


The position opens to thrilling career development, within a context of a broad portfolio of SW companies, each with a variety of added value solutions to increase business acumen.

The required  cross-function management, adopting WSPro data and  feedback flows, allow you to continuously improve your team management skills and sales performance to support the firm’s growth.

and Answers

  • What are the daily/ weekly working tasks?

    Coaching the team and being closely involved in business negotiations, people management, customer call activities to renew and upsell customer contracts, acquire net new SMB names, supporting and addressing the firm’s growth.

  • What is the working culture and which methodology and tools are used?

    It is a flexible, weekly based deliverables and fast paced challenging working model. Processes are standardized and repeatable across the organizations in the firm, strictly measured with accurate data available from Worksmart Pro, our team productivity tool.

  • Who is the ideal candidate for the position?

    A Top SW revenue achiever at President Club Level in Major SW companies, successful in managing and coaching a multi-experienced team, closing business on a weekly basis

  • Whom does the position report to?

    He/she will report to the COO responsible for operations of 50+ companies in the ESW Capital group.

  • What is the compensation model?

    It is a 400K USD per year, ie a 200 USD/Hour for a 40 hour week, with no variable part. Therefore team motivation based on strict smart KPI definition, ranking and execution is fundamental.

  • Since sales is such a collaborative activity how does it work in a 100% virtual model?

    Sales teams are managed and stack ranked based on specific settings using Worksmart Pro, which provides detailed teamroom analytical data to be used with virtual tools to maximize customer engagement and revenue.

  • What is the group strategic working and operational context?

    It is a fast paced growing context due to continuous company acquisitions ( 50-100 companies), with the need to build, expand the sales team to support the firm’s progressive growth