SVP of Customer Support

Do you want to raise the level of team performance in our atypical fast paced environment? Learn more about our SVP of Software Customer Support role.

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SVP of Software Customer Support

$ 400k/Year   Flexible   Long-term
Good fit for: Head of Customer Service - Senior Director of Customer Support - Senior Director of Support Services

Are you an expert at creating and building support organizations? Do you have a fanatical obsession with the customer? Are you able to take complex issues, simplify them and automate them away?

If so, you are perfect for our role of SVP of Customer Support. The role of the SVP of Customer Support is to continue to build the highest quality customer support organization in the world. Our organization solves thousands of tickets every week, across hundreds of products, supporting tens of thousands of customers worldwide. And it is 100% remote.

When most people think of remote support they think of low cost and low quality. By choosing 100% remote as a core tenet of our strategy, we are better with higher quality, not cheaper. In fact, we pay three to four times local market wages to get the most technical best and brightest support agents from around the globe. This organization requires an aggressive roll up your sleeves leadership approach that can optimize for execution rather than popularity.

We expect the SVP of customer support to have a fanatical obsession with the customer. We inherit decades-old software products where our customers haven’t taken a release in years. The only reason they stay with the software is because of the “wow” support they receive.

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Why Crossover?
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

As an SVP, you will coach best-in-class VPs to ensure they develop their teams toward a common goal of excellence. You will drive growth in our atypical fast paced environment.

Every day, you will conduct deep dives into weekly metrics and escalations. You will prepare weekly business reviews for the COO, and conduct weekly 1:1 meetings with VPs to review metrics, blockers and conduct call & ticket analysis, if necessary. You will manage the operations of the Technical Support department by utilizing our productivity tool “WorkSmart” to find inefficiencies and create data-driven action plans.


Lead a team of 250+ Support Engineers, Knowledge Architects and Managers by finding inefficiencies and creating data-driven action plans

Make decisions that are clear, concise and have a high-impact

Decisions making based on results rather than popularity

Execution of improvements through hands on leadership

Build strong relationships with stakeholders and intervene in critical customer situations

Work closely with Engineering, providing feedback from customers on product quality and features and influencing design for supportability


Have a university degree (BS, MS, or Ph.D.) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or Information Technology

2+ years of experience in a customer facing support position. 5+ years of experience in a hands-on technical position such as Software Engineer, Network Engineer, L2+ Technical Support or System Administrator

10+ years of experience managing a software customer support organization of 150+ people

Strong organizational, planning, leadership and presentation skills, all delivered with a confident and professional manner, and with perfect English skills

Excellent at reducing overly complicated and unstructured answers into a set of simple and structured decisions


We believe in continuous growth and strive for constant improvement. As part of our Customer Support family, you will be exposed to a hundreds of new products and industries on a daily basis, and our comprehensive suite of playbooks will equip you with the foundation to develop and enhance your existing expertise. 

We also provide a unique Manager Remote Camp for all new SVPs of Software Customer Support. This full-time, fully-paid training program covers all of the unique aspects within our approach to working at Crossover, including: 

  • You will learn how to operate at scale and learn how to onboard new acquisitions at a rate of 1 company/product per week.

  • You will study what it takes to measure success on a daily and weekly basis.

  • You will acquire the skills necessary for conducting deep dives to resolve problems with your teams.

  • You will coach your team on the importance of daily progress against quarterly set quantifiable goals which deliver real business value.

  • You will learn how to overcome the challenges of managing an entirely remote customer team.

  • Ultimately, you will learn to move fast, take risks and learn from failures.

Work Examples
Taking Deep Work Remote
Building Dependable, Engaged Teams with Crossover

and Answers

  • How is the support team organized?

    Our current support team has the following structure:
    SVP - Senior Vice President
    VP - Vice President (3-5)
    CSM - Customer Support Managers (8-10)
    L2 CSE - Level 2 Customer Support Engineer (75)
    L1 CSA - Level 1 Customer Support Agent (100)
    PKC - Product Knowledge Curators (40)
    KA - Knowledge Architects (20)

  • What types of products will we support?

    The products we support range from vertical specific software to developer tools to retail and everything in between. Since most of the customer we support growth through acquisition - the portfolio is a broad list comprising of SaaS, on-premise software, tech-enabled managed service and pure IT consulting companies in North America and Europe.

  • What takes most of the SVP time?

    The SVP of Software Customer Support devotes his/her time to the analysis of the metrics by doing daily deep dives. He/She also manages escalations when the support of a given product does not meet service quality bar and service level agreements. During the whole week, there are several coaching sessions with the team to keep them on track, and weekly 1:1s with the COO to ensure the support organization delivers the best in industry customer experience.

  • Does the SVP works on weekends?

    You are the Manager of your time, results will guide your weekly schedule.

  • Which are the metrics you are measured by?

    In this position, you will be expected to deliver weekly, monthly and quarterly improvements to the quality of software support within your team. Your results will be measured by quality metrics (internal quality scorecard), customer NPS, and productivity measured by total cost per ticket.