Senior Vice President of Professional Services

Are you a seasoned leader with extensive experience in delivering customized solutions to telecommunications companies? Learn more about this role.

Senior VP of Professional Services

$ 400k/Year   Flexible   Long-term
Good fit for: Senior Vice President of Professional Services - Senior Program Director - Vice President of Delivery

Are you able to manage a $50M/year business, interacting with C-level executives of the largest enterprise software companies around the world? Do you have a proven track record of serving Fortune 100/Global 2000 customers in the enterprise software consulting industry?

This Senior role is entirely different from a typical high ranking professional services SVP position. Normally, PS executives manage a broad portfolio of customer projects.  Here, you will have the opportunity to build a factory of repeatable, high-quality services that deliver PS  projects with top quality and predictable timeframes at a lower cost.

“The SVP of PS will create services that are designed and prioritized for super high-quality predictable delivery and predictable timelines. It may not be exciting to those executives that are used to just manage”
Andy M, COO
, we have  full time partners from your country,   Let’s make it !

Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

As the Senior VP of Professional Services, your role will be atypical from those found in traditional companies. Our factory style approach allows SVPs to create unified processes that can be implemented across our portfolio and integrated into newly acquired companies. Through evaluating and conducting deep dives into issues, SVPs create strategic action plans to deliver consistently high-quality professional services.

Senior VP main responsibilities are:

  • Create repeatable professional services and managed services factories

  • Respond to customer's escalations. In case a service failed the Customer's quality bar, you're going to talk to the customer, figure out why it failed and do a deep dive through all the layers of Management down to the person who delivered the service that didn't meet the quality bar. You're going to identify whether that problem was a management problem, an individual contributor problem, a documentation gap or a quality bar problem and you're going to solve that problem for the entire factory

  • Assess the change management process. You will execute a change management plan immediately or, if it takes longer than one week to implement the change, you will create a set of quantifiable progress metrics in order to achieve the execution of it.


You will be responsible for:

Integrate newly acquired products into a factory-style approach of processes

Drive down costs through automation and process improvement

Evaluate and perform root cause analysis of quality bar failures

Execute strategic action plans to resolve the root cause of the issue

Clearly and effectively communicate and document process changes

Lead a team of VPs and associates on the Professional Services team to maintain and improve quality

Communicate with clients to identify needs and evaluate business solutions

Throughout your time with us, you will:
  • Create ongoing economies of scale, enabling our organization to become more effective and efficient as it grows
  • Hire, train, and manage a team of 5-10 professional services VPs
  • Utilize the productivity tool, WorkSmart Pro to manage a remote team and drive productivity to ensure customer success on every project
  • Utilize data from WorkSmart Pro to achieve 25% quarterly productivity improvements
  • Document and communicate policies and procedures
  • Work closely with COO to drive quality, achieve metric goals and improve operations

What you need for this position:

University degree (BS, MS, or Ph.D.) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Physics or Information Technology

Excellent spoken and written English

2+ years of experience in as a software engineer, directly writing software product code or a technical consultant, directly customizing, configuring, and integrating software for customers

5+ years of experience managing the delivery of technical projects or services to external customers

Extensive experience in leading a 200+ people organization

Ability to communicate with several diverse techno-functional teams

Experience in overseeing the implementation process of client-facing SaaS projects

Strong communication, presentation and negotiation skills

Other highly desirable skills/experience include:
  • Willingness to un-learn management styles that you use before and re-learn how to manage a team under our own “Worksmart Pro” productivity management model
  • Strong organization skills, experience leading and working across large multi-functional teams with direct and indirect influence

You will learn how to handle complex services improving current performance and deal with a 100% remote an international team. You will lead an expert consulting team that will provide business, techno-functional implementation and strategic consulting across our portfolio using PS best practices and our Worksmart productivity tool to create data-driven action plans.

You will be playing a key role in the company,  as currently, our revenue from PS is a significant portion of the business that we serve. We do not have centralized Trilogy offerings that we can offer to Trilogy dozens of sister companies, which provide their own PS offerings to their customers. We want to have a repeatable centralized service, and better quality, with continuously improving costs. We aim to continuously improve quality and costs, so we can change the business model. You will be the executor of a game changer strategy for Trilogy sister companies and their customers.

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and Answers

  • What would a typical day for an SVP look like? What are the main activities?

    SVPs will do deep dives into quality bar failures, doing root cause analysis for what caused that failure coming up with an action plan that addresses that root cause, and then executing their action plan on a day to day basis. It will involve deep dives, and it's going to include some execution, the execution of those action plans. They start with writing clear written documentation of what changes are to be made or writing down the design and the process for a function and then doing daily or weekly follow-ups with the teams based on a metrics-driven progress report.

  • How will the companies be split among SVPs, based on the industry/size/…? What types of companies will I be managing?

    As an SVP you will be managing a set of software companies, but we do no clear splits based on Companies or verticals. Typically we do clear splits based on processes. That's one of the things that makes our company different than most companies, where you get a region, or you get a customer, or you get a vertical. In this role, your primary responsibility will be a process, and you will own that whole process that will also cover companies typically across multiple regions, multiple languages, multiple verticals. So, there won't be a clear split, to get a company or a set of companies; but a clear objective of continuously improving a process or a set of professional services processes.

  • Why are you not hiring internally? Are there any internal issues (cultural, political, etc.)?

    We are hiring internally. If we have VPs of professional services qualified for the SVP position, we would have them apply on Crossover and go through the interviewing process. When we recruit for the SVP of Professional Services, we are comparing all candidates. It's an equal opportunity: external people can apply, as well as, internal candidates. We are making merit-based objective decisions about who we think is going to be the best fit for this role.

  • Is there any travel required for the position?

    There is some, but minor. Most SVPs travel once or maximum twice a year. So, compared to typical companies, you can say it is zero travel. Mainly, because we’re the first fully remote organization and we travel for customer visits, but we do not travel or relocate for internal purposes.

  • Why is there so much growth so fast, what does this involve?

    It involves the owner's appetite for growth. These Companies also believe that the organizational model which is in place allows for economies of scale the bigger they grow. Therefore with growth, the cost per unit of output will decrease.