VP of Inside Sales

Are you a top-performing Inside Sales team leader at an enterprise software company? Learn more about our VP of Inside Sales role.

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VP of Inside Sales

$ 200k/Year   Flexible   Long-term
Good fit for: VP Inside Sales

Are you thrilled to be in the heart of the business of a firm with an array of continuously expanding SW companies and solutions? Have you built and lead enterprise software sales teams to successfully over-perform the assigned process metrics? Do your customers trust your advice and engagement to provide them valued services? If so you will be a perfect fit for our model.

As a VP of Inside Sales, you will lead exceptional top-performing teams at an enterprise software company to relentlessly improve productivity metrics and drive even more sales daily. You are expected to excel at weekly performance reviews, and take action immediately to ensure steady revenue. If you want to grow more in a year than most will in a decade, you should Apply now.

“What do I most enjoy at Crossover? I like the focus, direction, and speed in the way we are doing things and managing a diverse and super talented team.”
-David M, VP Inside Sales, Crossover
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Why Crossover?
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

In our competitive enterprise software marketplace, customer success is at the core of business success. The way our clients show their appreciation is through renewing business.

As VP of Inside Sales, you will talk to our customers, and convince them to renew their enterprise software license and upsell our Platinum support plan. Your role will expand across the Crossover affiliate companies, and you will drive increased productivity and effectiveness on your team.

Your job as the VP of Inside Sales will be to manage a team of Inside Sales Reps to meet expected sales key performance indicators (KPI’s) in a fast-paced environment. To be effective in this role - you must start every day believing that your team can excel through process improvements, content optimization, cross-training, and upgrading skills. You must be a hands-on coach - and extremely metrics-oriented.

You will sell renewals, and Platinum upsells across many of our Crossover affiliate companies - so you will also need to be able to learn each of these products in detail and help your team as they learn various product lines

You must be an experienced and motivated Inside Sales Manager and be capable of introducing innovative methods to make your reps world-class while implementing sales strategies defined by SVP of sales using a proactive initiative approach.


Drive the Inside Sales reps to close customer enterprise software renewals across a broad portfolio of SW companies and related products

Relentlessly pursue team productivity gains through better content, training, coaching, and use of new technology

Innovate processes and tools to help your Inside Sales teams close renewals and upsell more effectively

Serve as the senior line of escalation for explaining to customers the benefits of the Platinum support plan and close the business

For companies acquired by the firm - sell the vision to customers on the benefits of that company becoming a part of our portfolio

Ramp your Inside Sales team to effectively learn and be able to sell renewals on new products as we acquire new companies

Build relationships with prospects and internal stakeholders to grow new business

Design, implement successful campaigns to prospect, nurture and close new business at or above quota

Generate opportunities, manage pipeline and deliver accurate forecasts using Salesforce CRM


2+ years of enterprise software sales experience

2+ years managing metrics-based Inside Sales teams of about 6 or more reps

Demonstrated success exceeding new business quota, managing deals with an ARR of 25K USD and above

Experience with sales operations & contract negotiation

Strong organizational skills & highly coachable

A passion for the high-growth environment

An advanced level of english.


This position covers business development over a broad portfolio of solutions, and due to the continuous acquisition of SW companies, you will learn strategic thinking to increase your business acumen and industry knowledge.

In your role as VP of Inside Sales you will be the executor of a newly acquired company’s go-to-market sales strategy, and drive your team with detailed metrics ranking their impact on business results.

You will experience working with Senior and C-level leadership members to implement the strategic plan to scale and grow the company’s revenue and market share, with unprecedented visibility to the top technology companies throughout the globe. It is an opportunity to work on robust multi-million dollar revenue products, processing millions of transactions using revolutionary and radically differentiated processes.

Yourself and your team will be exposed to our culture of setting goals based on weekly check and feedback,  instead of waiting for quarterly or annual reviews, triggering improvement of your operations change-management skills to take rapid corrective business impact actions.

We also provide a unique Remote Camp for Managers for all new SVP/VP sales candidates. This full-time, fully-paid training program covers all of the unique aspects within our approach to remote management. You will learn how to overcome the challenges of managing a fully remote workforce, including WorkSmart Pro expertise, team and resources reviewing, execution quality bars, time management.

Throughout your training, you will get daily feedback to accelerate learning and growth far beyond typical classrooms or training programs.

SVP of Sales
Manager of 5-15 VPs. A mix of 15-50 Headcount direct/ indirect

A good fit for...

20 + years in Sales. 10 in senior sales team management career progression, up to 50 reps structured in fewer direct sales leaders reports. Significant BU, line management and operational experience

Strategic planner.

Defines and leads company GTM strategy.

Experimentation and collaboration with reporting line and C-levels to adjust/refine.

High level management of company acquisition strategy and scale up sales process.

Resources and budgeting definition.

VP of Inside Sales
Manager of 5-15 Sales Reps

A good fit for...

15+ years in Sales. 5 in sales team management, career progression, up to 10 reps.

3+ years test automation experience

Implementation and execution of the GTM strategy, sales cycles.

Adoption and team coaching of innovative sales methodologies. Helps close deals, build sales plans.

Adapt to a multi portfolio offering, help team learn new products value prop.

Inside Sales Representative
Manage team of 5-15 Accounts, Annual Target

A good fit for...

3-10 years in Sales, started as Inside Sales, SDR, Customer facing field experience

Knowledge of sales methodologies, pipeline and forecast management. Achieves quota, operational excellence based on weekly clear/aggressive goals settings.

Passionate, puts customer first and shows them product value

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and Answers

  • What are the main working tasks?

    You will manage and coach a sales team to achieve aggressive weekly sales goals. You oversee SW license renewals and upsell negotiations, helping your team learn through customer calls. You will help them to forecast accurately and manage pipelines by implementing sales strategies.

  • What is my team structure?

    You will manage Inside Sales representatives who have assigned a quota to close renewals or net new or upsell license subscriptions. There may also be support from the Sales Development team who qualify leads that become sales opportunities.

  • What is the working culture and which methodology and tools are used?

    It is a fast-paced weekly deliverables schedule and in an innovative working model. Processes are standardized and repeatable across all companies, which is rigorously measured with accurate data available from Worksmart Pro, our team productivity tool.

  • Who is the ideal candidate for the position?

    A metrics oriented Enterprise SW sales team manager who has been in a leading role for more than 7 years, and with more than 10 years in B2B SW revenue achievement.

  • Who does the position report to?

    The VP of Inside Sales reports to the SVP of Sales who defines the sales strategy.

  • What is the compensation model?

    It is a 200K USD per year or 100 USD/Hour for a standard 40 hour week, with no variable component. Therefore driving team motivation based on strict smart KPI definition, ranking and execution is fundamental.

  • Since sales is such a collaborative activity how does it work in a 100% virtual model?

    Sales teams are managed, and stack ranked based on specific settings using Worksmart Pro, which provides detailed team productivity data to be used with other tools to maximize customer engagement and revenue.

  • What is the group strategic working and operational context?

    It is a fast paced growing context due to continuous company acquisitions ( 50-100 companies), with the need to build, expand the sales team to support the firm’s growth.