VP of SaaSOps

Do you want to execute drastically differentiated technical processes using cutting edge technologies? Learn more about our VP of SaaSOps role.

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VP of SaaSOps

$ 200k/Year  ($ 100/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)  Remote Position   Long-term

Do you have what it takes to build, scale, improve and manage our cloud based SaaS systems and products? Are you able to manage our constant stream of acquisitions, systematically gathering know-how of the new systems and bringing them into our factory, without impacting uptime?

We are looking for an experienced Vice President to lead our SaaS operations, who will be responsible to balance availability, customer experience and the need to constantly simplify and automate the systems. VPs should be doing that by ensuring their teams are meeting their daily and weekly targets.

Do you want to challenge yourself to ensure great up-time and customer experience from our myriad of more than 100 products? If so, this role is for you!

“I love not only the opportunity to add business value on a daily basis, by improving the availability and performance of our services to our customers, but also the chance to working with some of the smartest people on the planet, tackling some of the hardest problems that exist in IT.!”
-Timos Tsokanis, SVP of SaaSOps
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Why Crossover?
Crossover recruits and builds world class high performing teams to power the fastest growing portfolio of software products in the world. No other company provides the training and the opportunities to test yourself on the depth and diversity of projects that we do. All roles are location independent so you are guaranteed to work with the best in the world. Challenge yourself. Be part of the change.

The Vice President of SaaSops will manage a team of 5-15 managers and ensure the team solves their daily challenges by removing blockers and managing constraints.

It is expected that you will be monitoring the team's daily and weekly performance using our proprietary tools.

The VP will be expected to ensure the availability, uptime, and cost optimization of our high-quality products. You should have an always-on mentality, a passion for metrics-driven decisions, and a desire to execute drastically differentiated technical operations processes using cutting edge technologies.

You will be responsible for building out a globally dispersed technical operation using distributed teams and an ultra-efficient application hosting infrastructure. Your first priority will be to scale these activities – while continuing to meet tight, daily SLAs. Priority two will focus on long-term planning to drive continual improvement.

Additionally, we expect you to lead and perform deep-dives into weekly metrics and escalations and leverage your broad Technical Operations Management experience to raise the level of the team performance in an atypical fast paced environment.


Manages all customer-facing and internally focused SaaSOps product environments and service delivery activities

Develops metrics to enable effective measurement of key performance indicators

Develops and manages quarterly SaaSOps budget

Develops long-range staffing and resource planning for organic and inorganic growth

Develops, maintains and executes a clear integration playbook for SaaSOps inherited from future acquisitions

Establish world-class standards and technical operations to deliver consistent, high-quality products across dispersed, global teams

Implement operations management strategies to achieve world-class productivity and cost efficiency


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (MS or Phd. preferred) is mandatory.

+15 years of experience in IT Operations Management

At least 5 years of SaaS Ops/Tech Ops/Infrastructure Ops/DevOps experience

+3 years of experience managing Cloud Infrastructure Organizations (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS Ops)

Proven leadership experience of building and managing globally dispersed teams with a size of 50+ heads within the last 3 years, where you were responsible for goal setting, performance measurement, and hiring/ firing decisions (direct reporting lines)

Minimum of 2 years in a senior software engineering management position such as CTO/CIO, Head of Operations or Engineering, or VP of Operations or Engineering

Proven experience in building high-performance teams and scalable best-practices in an Operations and/or engineering organization

Proven ability to use metrics as a key driver in your decision-making processes

Proven and recent experience of setting aggressive goals for your teams using SMART principles

An advanced level of English

Nice to have:
  • Cloud-based hosting experience with Amazon EC2 a significant plus
  • Proven experience of migrating products from legacy infrastructure to the Cloud or between Clouds
  • Recent experience with DevOps teams

As a VP of SaaSOps in our organization, you will learn what it takes to handle aggressive growth where we measure success on a daily and weekly basis. You will learn the importance of deep dives to resolve problems with your teams as well as the importance of managing your team on a daily basis against quarterly set quantifiable goals which deliver real business value. 

 You will learn to measure and track output and results and how to automate everything that you do. You will learn how to overcome the challenges of managing a fully remote workforce of between 100 to 250 Engineers, Architects and Software Managers. Ultimately though you will learn to move fast, take risks and learn from failures. You will never be bored.

SVP of SaaSOps
Responsible for central SaaSOps teams delivering value to all products across the organization.

Manager of 10-15 VPs of SaaSOps

A good fit for...

20 + years in Sys Admin experience with 3 + years as senior chief architect or similar position.

Recent experience in dealing with cloud-based platforms and solutions

Strong communication skills (fluent English) and ability to communicate with business stakeholders and C-level executives

VP of SaaSOps
Responsible for a products uptime, cost optimizations, change request and automation, as well as for a business unit in the group and their products.

Manager of 10-15 SaaSOps Managers

A good fit for...

15+ years in Sys Admin experience with 3 + years as senior chief architect or similar position.

Recent experience in dealing with cloud-based platforms and solutions

Strong communication skills (fluent English) and ability to communicate with business stakeholders and C-level executives

SaaSOps Manager
Responsible for a products uptime, cost optimizations, change request and automation.

Manage team of 10-15 SaaSOps Chief Architects

A good fit for...

10+ years of hands on Sys Admin experience with 2 + years as chief architect or similar position.

Adept at various virtualization technologies such as AWS EC2, Docker, Kubernetes or VMware

Recent experience in dealing with cloud-based platforms and solutions

Strong communication skills (fluent English) and ability to communicate with business stakeholders

Excellent knowledge of infrastructure architecture (Networking, VPN, 3-tier app, SOA, Caching, File Systems, AWS)

Work Examples
This is an interview with one of our SaaSOps Engineering Manager, about deciding to build a Central repository to host all docker containers of all companies and products owned by Trilogy.
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External resources
Article that talks about why SaaSOps is gaining traction and is increasing popularity in IT market across all geographies

and Answers

  • What would be the priorities for a VP of SaaS Ops on a daily basis?

    The top drivers are to ensure our infrastructure & applications availability and our public cloud costs optimizations through eliminating complexity from both architecture and processes.

  • What is the Crossover approach to acquire and integrate a new software company into the portfolio so aggressively?

    Before acquiring a company, we conduct due diligence. Once a buying decision is made, we use our standard model to import the SaaS products into our centralized environment. We then enhance the products to match our standardized model.

  • How can I succeed in this role?

    Our management culture is aligned with the principles mentioned in “The Phoenix Project.” You should read this book before participating in our hiring tournaments to ensure that you are aligned with our culture and have a greater chance of succeeding in our organization.

  • How do you perform in the role of VP of SaaS Ops when all your teams are remote?

    We use communication tools such as GoToMeeting, Zoom, Skype, and Slack. We also ensure that our processes are well documented in the form of playbooks and have developed a tool, Worksmart Pro, which enables us to keep track of time and applications used. This data allows us to form a diary of how our partners spend their day and coach them on improved productivity.

  • Do VPs of SaaS Ops actually do hands-on coding/systems administration in this role?

    No, there is no hands-on work. However, we want people who have been administrators and/or developers in the past. We believe that the best way you can help and communicate with your teams is if you have experienced technical problems yourself.

  • Does a VP of SaaS Ops need to travel in his role?

    A VP of SaaS Ops is not expected to travel as all our management is done remotely.