VP of Sales Operations

As our Vice President of Sales Operations, you will manage key internal supporting functions essential to sales force productivity in this Telco software vertical.

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VP of Sales Operations

$ 200k/Year   Flexible   Long-term

Zephyrtel, is a #remotework company looking for a high performing VP of Sales Operations leader for a long-term, full-time role. This is a 100% virtual work model working with the best talent from around the world. It is an opportunity to be at the forefront of cloud-based telco solutions while developing and maintaining solutions in the Zephyrtel portfolio.

As a member of a high performing sales operations team, you will impact our sales productivity including planning, reporting, quota setting and management of all sales processes. The pace is fast and rewarding as you will be solving the hardest problems in our products and processes.

We buy failing, money losing, legacy, on premise telco software companies and transform them into profitable, growing cloud companies in 18 months. You spend your day evangelizing and restructuring (and fighting) the legacy money losing, old deals into the highly profitable, new cloud world.

And if that isn’t enough, we are a 100% remote, global, virtual environment, so you will be working with remote teams around the world.

, we have  full time partners from your country,   Let’s make it !

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As VP of Sales Operations, you are responsible for the overall productivity and effectiveness of the Software company’s sales processes and procedures. Reporting to the EVP of Global Sales, and working closely with the senior leadership team, the internal sales team and external stakeholders you ensure the appropriate objectives and priorities are enabled within the sales organization.

You are responsible for running the pricing deal desk for all commercial proposals, supporting the sales team to ensure their expected target margins are met. You drive CRM and other platform utilization and effectiveness, introducing key KPIs and pro-active pipeline build and management. By monitoring and ensuring continuous attention to our ARR KPIs you are an enabler in increasing retention rates. You ensure our LoB fulfillment processes are run efficiently, that stock levels managed per forecasted orders.

The VP of Sales Operations also supports the EVP Head of Sales in sales coverage and deployment as the acquisitions base increases.

The opportunities you will be faced with at ZephyrTel are related to the global and virtual (home based) work environment of not just the sales staff but the entire organization. Proactive communication is critical across different business functions. Networking through the team, gaining insight and learning across a diverse portfolio of cloud-based software solutions you will be building an understanding of the legal, accounting, and O2C (order to cash) processes to ensure we drive a 100% compliant process.

Throughout your time with us, you continually learn and leverage new technologies, patterns, and practices. You solve complex, ever-changing problems across a large and growing product portfolio, being proactively involved in the due diligence of further acquisitions. Your contribution supports and contributes to the AOP (Annual Operating Plan), the QBR (Quarterly Business Review).

For all acquisitions, you support the integration team in importing correct data promptly.


Candidate responsibilities:

Work with the sales leadership team and colleagues to enable accurate business planning and territory management, pipeline forecasting, and methodology adoption to track sales results with periodic metrics/KPI reporting and insights.

CRM implementation ownership realising best practices to support effective use of the system for leadership and sales management to ensure timely and appropriate processes to enhance sales results

Setting procedures and systems to ensure order processes, tracking, opportunity identification, quotations, expenses, invoicing and billing

Support sales teams tactical execution with commercial offerings through client proposals, including preparation of RFP responses, developing negotiation strategies and financial models.

Work with multiple stakeholder partners, such as product and marketing, to ensure delivery and execution of go-to-market strategy, product development and sales aligned with business revenue goals.

Administer consistently global sales targets and strategies, policies, business goals working with HR & Legal to ensure support to both corporate needs and regional requirements.

Lead cross-functional groups to implement effective momentum building sales training programs, to create energy and ensure resources are enabled and appropriately skilled to perform.

Build a cohesive team culture, ensuring consistent focus on talent management, employee engagement, and development, addressing areas of concern where required, with impactful succession plans, internal and external best in class candidate hiring and selection.

Setting team performance growth goals aligned with SMART principles and functional strategy, providing clarity on role responsibilities, performance measures, key success areas, communicating effectively through regular 1-2-1 dialogues and coaching sessions to build rapport, provide positive and developmental feedback.


Candidates requirements

The role of Sales operations at ZephyrTel requires new skill sets in how to operate in a virtual global environment.

The basic requirements are not dissimilar to other sales operation management roles:

  • Pipeline management and progression reporting
  • Deal reviews for GAAP Revenue Recognition, Margin compliance, and ARR terms
  • Ensuring the teams are working within the SFDC CRM management system
  • Reporting on current quarter forecast and future quarter pipeline requirements per sales rep and region
  • Tracking channel royalties, coverage and conflict management with direct sales reps, and channel compliance with deal recognition standards.

Bachelor’s/MBA degree or equivalent Accounting qualification.

Excellent English presentation skills.

Timezone Requirements:

Our teams are designed to accommodate top talent across a wide range of time zones, however, there are certain hours we require in order to have team-based collaboration or to have customer-facing engagements in the customer's working hours. Candidates should be able to work 8 hours a day while meeting the following constraints Monday-Friday.

The VP Sales Operations role requires close communication and alignment with the EVP WW sales and other ZephyrTel management team members. A large part of the ZephyrTel team and business resides in Europe, South Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. We require this role resides in a time zone allowing for 6 hours of work time within GMT.

A typical day would look like:

Daily check in chats with every sales and renewal rep on each of their opportunities
10 hours/week

Review all pending orders to ensure deal desk compliance
10 hours/week

Validate all open orders with O2C and Finance team
5 hours/week

Review any new and existing channel partner agreements for terms and conditions and coverage
5 hours/week

Ensure all automated system synchronization processes have run successfully – identify automation opportunities
4 hours/week

Validate all commissions due to agents and channel partners for deals where we have collected cash
4 hours/week

Refresh and validate SFDC / management reports
2 hours/week


In your role as VP of Sales Operations, you must believe in continuous growth and strive for constant improvement. Within ZephyrTel’s revolutionary telco model of cloud based solutions, you will be exposed to a multitude of new technologies, products, and industries on a daily basis. This environment is a unique opportunity to transform struggling legacy, on premise telco software organizations into profitable, growing cloud companies in 18 months.

We are aiming at doubling the revenue this year (subject to M&A activity) we will be on the path to be a $1billion business in 4 - 5 years time within a cloud-based economy. These skill sets will be applicable to any telco career in the future.

As VP of Sales Operations, you are proactively involved in the due diligence of further acquisitions and strategically support and contribute to the Annual Operating Plan working closely with the executive team. You also lead business reviews and support the integration team in importing correct data in a timely manner for all acquisitions.

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and Answers

  • Why is the VP of Sales Operations a key role in the organization?

    It is a newly defined role and must bring together financial management experience and sales operations planning and execution to manage, mentor and support a team of sales executives, adopting proper tools and systems to provide strategic reporting and insight analysis to the executive team. You will also support the Executive team in the acquisition strategy and therefore it is a springboard role for the company’s ambitious strategic success. You surely possess and must apply a “can do” attitude and willingness to work in a new initiative environment and have demonstrated experience of constructing strategic plans and successfully executing against them with a collaboration mindset.

  • Who do I interact with? Will I be spending time with internal colleagues or with customers?

    This is an internal role, with responsibility for ensuring a smooth and effective execution of all sales operations. Therefore the main interaction is with the sales team and executive management for forecast calls, reporting, and sales procedures. Other organization stakeholders such as product management and marketing are in your communication stream duties for product pricing enhancements and business initiatives and promotions. Nevertheless, since it is also required to support sales executives in complex negotiations, customer interaction may be needed for specific commercial proposals, upselling premium support offerings, so there are also opportunities to spend time with our customers.

  • What are the growth and career perspectives?

    The skill sets that will be learnt in this role will provide value in any cloud-based economy position. In this role you will learn to work and manage people, processes, and data in a global virtual environment. We have world class tools to help in this process and once you have the core skill sets to manage virtual business processes and people, you can utilize this skill set within larger businesses or across business functions including finance and operations. Particular emphasis on M&A activity and high growth.

  • What is the working culture and which methodology and tools are used?

    You will be challenged in a fast-paced weekly deliverables schedule within an innovative working model. Processes are standardized and repeatable across all solutions, which is rigorously measured with accurate data available from Worksmart Pro, our team productivity tool.

  • What is the compensation, model?

    The compensation is 200K USD per year or 100 USD/Hour for a 40 hour week, with no variable element, no quota at risk. Therefore it is critical to base the team motivation on strict smart KPI definition, ranking, and execution.

  • Since sales is such a collaborative activity how does it work in a 100% virtual model?

    Sales teams are managed and work in a virtual model, but they still meet customers face-to-face to build relationships and close business As far as a collaboration process we use a proprietary productivity tool which provides detailed team data used with other tools to maximize business value.