Egoli Media Case Study

Stephen Bickle from Egoli Media shares his experience using Crossover Prime.

Egoli Media Taps into Crossover’s Global Talent Pool to Jumpstart Stalled Projects

Egoli Media Taps into Crossover’s Global Talent Pool to Jumpstart Stalled Projects

The Challenge

The Challenge

Egoli Media's local hires fell short. Interviews revealed gaps: not savvy enough, not seasoned, not skilled. Persistent code issues stalled projects. 

They needed a power player, urgently.

The Outcome

The Outcome

Within days on Prime, Egoli Media tapped into Crossover's global talent pool and AI smart filters. They swiftly onboarded a top-tier software engineer with Crossover’s help.

In just two weeks, code issues vanished, and key projects were delivered.

Egoli Media

Egoli Media

Egoli Media turbocharges rights holders & creators, unlocking billions in untapped revenue from fresh and archival media. Their content search platform offers customers an all-in-one Media Asset Management system, informed by expert content creators.

Think YouTube's simplicity, Google's search prowess, Getty Images' vast sales reach, and a more intuitive NFT platform than OpenSea.


COMPANY: Start-up


INDUSTRY: Technology

Delayed. Haphazard. Inefficient.

Delayed. Haphazard. Inefficient.

Egoli struggled to find local people with the right skillsets.

They hired at their London location and had them come in for work – but it wasn’t effective. Attrition rates continued to rise. What they needed was someone with real depth.

The applicants pitching for interviews weren’t strong or senior enough, and they didn’t have enough experience. Projects stalled and it became impossible to find people who didn’t need hand-holding.

As Stephen Bickle, Senior Director of Technology at Egoli says:

"If I’m hiring a chef, and I want to be able to say “go make pasta in the kitchen” then they don’t ask me which pasta, which pot, how much water and how long it needs to cook for. What we were looking for was that level of depth. Where they’d not just come back with cooked pasta, but there’d be sautéed vegetables in it too. We wanted them to make it better."

Without the right hires, projects were slowing to a halt and their content repository wasn’t working as well as it should have been. 

Egoli needed a star that fit their start-up budget and could perform autonomously in a highly agile, dynamically shifting remote environment.

And they needed them – quick.

Ready to crush your hiring goals?
Expedited. Precision-focused. Effective.

Expedited. Precision-focused. Effective.

Stephen was no stranger to Crossover.

He had used us in two of his previous companies, and was amazed at the results. The first time hiring with us, he interviewed five people and hired one – and they’ve worked for him for over 7 years now. 

So, he was ready to be impressed. 

“Our Crossover contractor had the depth to really understand and know how to fix it. It was a big project we’d worked on for a long time, and within 2 weeks we completed it and delivered it to our customer. We met a key deliverable and kept our customer happy.” 

Stephen was sent a handful of profiles, and four of them perfectly matched his requirements. He had never had a hiring experience like that before. 

Not only was the filtering accurate, but being sent five a day allowed him the time to review each candidate. Together with the Crossover team, we grouped his final candidates.

Then he found Durval. It was a match!

Crossover Prime

Crossover Prime

  • Compensation that matches your budget
  • Hiring tested and vetted talent that performs
  • Personalised optimization until the ideal candidate is hired
  • Greatly enhanced client experience
  • Highly trustworthy service packed with value
  • Reduces time and resources spent finding the right candidates

To have people that can take direction and deliver autonomously without handholding is absolutely priceless. When I go to bed I send him 5 things I need done by morning. 
He’s 3-4 hours ahead of me, so when I get up we’re ready to go. There’s fresh code to test. We will for sure being using Crossover again when the time comes to add more people."
- Stephen Bickle, Egoli Media
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