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Crossover is the future of recruitment. We help you hire the best person in the entire world without all the hassle and manual admin. And now with the Crossover Prime app, it's a fraction of the cost too.

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All About Crossover Prime
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What is Crossover

Crossover’s premium recruitment and vetting services are the most trustworthy way to hire a global remote team.

Since 2014, we've innovated solutions that make it simple for companies to:

  • Fill their team with the most talented professionals in the world (by only accepting the top 1%)
  • Objectively compare skills and abilities (our trademark badge system takes the guesswork out of resumés)
  • Reduce recruitment admin (no more writing repetitive job descriptions)
  • Eliminate cognitive bias (shortlist candidates by objective data only, not subjective opinion)
  • Manage high performance teams (with maximum productivity and near-zero fraud)
  • Run international payroll seamlessly
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Our main approach is focused on vetting, evaluating, and filtering candidates based on hard, objective skills that connect to actual work. This is fundamentally different from filtering candidates based on the keywords in their resumes, schools they have gone to, or past employers. To do this, we have candidates take and earn Crossover Badges. Badges are 3rd party objective assessments we have selected from top assessment platforms that are focused on core competencies required for doing work. Some Badges are general purpose (like English or Cognitive Aptitude) while others are job-specific (like Coding for software engineers, Pitching for sales reps, or GAAP for accountants). What makes them different from other assessments available in the market is that they have been purposefully designed to be relevant for a line of work as opposed to one employer, they have been normed on a large population of candidates making their signal statistically significant, and they have been hardened for cheating.

Why Crossover Prime

Why Crossover Prime

The system we've developed is so effective that most jobs receive 20,000+ applications.

Our process then filters the best candidates based on the datapoints that are scientifically proven to correlate with high performance: from core skill tests, to real work assessments, and even problem solving ability. That's why we call our people Rockstars.

By the time the top 5 candidates land in your inbox, you'll want to hire all of them. (Seriously, it's happened more times than we can count).

And if you are already a customer of ESW, Trilogy, Aurea, IgniteTech, Avolin, or Versata, you gain access to Crossover's premium services at zero additional cost. You only pay the contractor's agreed hourly rate, with no fees, commissions or markups added on top.

How it Works

How it Works

We enable you to hire the best person in the world, not the best person in your zipcode. Here's how.
  1. Tell us what kind of role you need to fill (we specialize in software engineers, customer support, finance, and sales). This takes under 15 mins.
  2. We filter thousands of applications to find you the very best. Get the top 5 in your inbox daily; pre-filtered and vetted.
  3. Interview the ones you like... then hire them!

Once you find the perfect candidate, we'll help you onboard them and manage ongoing needs like payroll.

All this without writing any job descriptions, trawling any resumés, or having your time wasted by interviewing unqualified duds. You'll never look back.

How Does Crossover Prime Compare?

See what makes us the most trustworthy way to hire a remote team.

For 8 years, Crossover’s premium recruitment and vetting services have only been available to large enterprise teams. Now, we’re opening our most popular pipelines to hire pre-vetted rockstars!

Here’s what you get…

Want More Details?

Now that you’ve seen how simple and cost-effective this is, let’s take a look at some more details:

How to Hire Global Remote Talent: Crossover Prime

How to Hire Global Remote Talent: Crossover Prime

Step 1: Define your role

You start with a 15-minute call with an account manager to help you define the role you want to hire for. To do that, review the Crossover Badges that apply to the role and determine the relevant proficiency level. You also need to decide the hourly compensation rate you are willing to offer.

Step 2: Get matched with top talent

Once the role is defined, you will start getting five profiles per day that you can check out at your convenience in the Crossover Prime app. A profile consists of both the resume, the proficiency level for each earned badge as well as the test submission. Upon reviewing a profile, you will be asked to make a decision - whether to interview the candidate or not.

Step 3: Run interviews

To smoothen the process, we will set up a calendaring account for you that makes it easy to find time in your calendar without email iteration. Candidates that you invite will be able to schedule an online interview through a tool of your choice, e.g. Zoom. 

After completing the interview, the next step is to decide whether you want to extend an offer to the interviewee. The decision may be made on the spot or after a couple of more interviews.

Step 4: Hire

After you decide to extend an offer, we will forward it to the candidate on your behalf. We will let you know once the candidate is ready to accept the offer along with the earliest start date. We will try to address any questions that they have, or reach out to you for questions related to the work itself. 

Typically, a finalized candidate will need between 2 and 4 weeks to start working for you, since the candidates on Crossover are not freelancers, nor people trying to round up their revenue with a side job. With their level of experience, they already have a full-time job but they are looking for more appealing opportunities.

Step 5: Onboarding

Any talent that you decided to hire will enter into an independent contractor agreement with Crossover. Crossover will handle the logistics behind signing contracts between contractors and Crossover and will set them up such that they can log time when working for you.

How to Manage Global Remote Teams: WorkSmart

How to Manage Global Remote Teams: WorkSmart

Step 1: Tracking billable time

Contractors working for you will track their time in the Crossover platform with a tool called Crossover WorkSmart. On the surface, it acts like a stopwatch that they can hit start or pause as needed and that records the total worked time, but there is more to it as it unlocks deeper insights for team managers.

Step 2: Time approval

Hiring managers can choose to dispute time that is not fairly billed or approve manual time for work that they ask team members to do that cannot be tracked while working on a computer. Your company will have total control over the time being billed.

In addition to this, Crossover’s Trust team will be reviewing all contractor billed time, make sure it is work-related and prevent any unwanted abuse. All cases found as not being work-related will be flagged and disputed and will not be paid unless approved by the manager.

Step 3: Team management

With WorkSmart, managers can answer questions like

  1. How many hours did a specific team member work?
  2. What are the working hour patterns team members follow?
  3. What apps are the team using and how much time they are spending on each app (eg. Office, ERP, IDE, etc.)?
  4. How do team members divide their time between different activities?

This is possible because Crossover WorkSmart can:

The simplest setup is to have all contractors under one view and all managers able to access the data, but you may operate in a more granular way and place contractors in virtual teams managed by designated managers.

Step 4: Invoicing

Crossover will make weekly payments to all contractors based on the billed time that was not disputed and will issue a consolidated invoice to you.

Hire the Top 1% Global Remote Talent for Your Team


What Types of Jobs Can Be Filled?
Crossover Prime can currently be used to find talent in the following roles in the Individual Contributor category:

  1. Software Engineers (Junior/Mid/Senior)
  2. Customer Support Engineers (L1/L2/L3)
  3. Sales Representatives (Sales Development/Inside Sales)
  4. Accountants or Finance Associates

While Crossover can staff for virtually any type of role, not all are available under Prime at this time. The catalog of available roles will grow over time and we are happy to hear from you about what roles you would like added next.

Can I hire talent through Crossover Prime through an employment contract?
No. The talent you hire enters a contractor agreement directly with Crossover. Crossover will then invoice you for the approved worked hours.

Who will my company have a contractual relationship with?
By default, you will enter a service agreement with Crossover that facilitates delivering of the staffing and workforce management products and services. In addition to this, you may ask contractors to sign supplementary agreements directly with your company, such as NDAs.

Can I use Prime for short-term or project-based collaborations?
No. Crossover specializes in long-term full-time collaborations and does not operate in the gig or project-based market. While we are not asking that you commit to a minimum contract term, you should know Crossover talent is in search of a full-time long-term job.

How much time does it take to hire someone through Crossover Prime?
We strive for you to have the first interview after a few days, issue your first offer within 1-2 weeks and they’ll start working for you in another 2-4 weeks.

Are there any limitations to terminating the relationship with a contractor?
Our preference is to create a fair, open relationship between job seekers and hiring companies. We advise a 2-week notice period in the case of an amiable termination. Same-day terminations are possible if the circumstances require them.

Who bears the liability in case of contractor misconduct?
Contractors hired through Crossover are not employees of Crossover. Crossover acts as a staffing company that enables your company to extend your teams with a remote workforce. Crossover will have no liability or obligations for any acts or omissions of the contractors unless arising from Crossover’s gross negligence or wilful misconduct.

Need help with your hiring goals? We can help you hire top 1% global talent.