Strategic Analyst

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Do you want to spend your day working exclusively with other brilliant people like yourself?  Would you like the rare opportunity to work closely and learn business skills from seasoned senior executives?  Do you know you could make a tremendous impact on business results if just given the opportunity? 

What you will be doing

This role reports directly to one of the C-level executives of a large, multi-national group of enterprise software companies. Our differentiated growth strategy is focused on high-velocity M&A, we acquire a new enterprise software company every week. Each week you will be assigned a new task, personally be expected to quickly learn what is needed to solve the problem, then dig into the details to find the essence of the problem and the root cause of any issues, and then finally resolve the problem yourself. While you will be exposed to team leadership, this job is mostly about doing things yourself vs. telling others what to do.

In this role, you will gain experience across the full spectrum of tasks that face the executives in our organization. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Insightful: You can't be wrong, naive, or miseducated.
  • Accurate: No sloppy or careless errors.
  • Precise w/ specific examples: No generalities or platitudes.
  • Clearly communicated: Short and to the point, not long and complicated.
  • Delivered quickly: Tasks are solved in days, not weeks or months.

Candidate Requirements

  • High IQ - This role requires someone in the top 1% with respect to raw intelligence. The problems you need to solve on a daily basis are extremely challenging because they are real and have a tangible impact on our business.
  • Driven to Learn - Literally every week, sometimes every day, you are going to be assigned a problem in an area in which you have no experience. You must love to spend hours reading and devouring information to quickly become conversant, if not an expert, in each of these areas.
  • Results-Oriented - We have a fast-paced culture with sky-high expectations along with unlimited opportunity to learn and have an impact. You will typically have hours or days, not weeks or months, to get each problem solved and move on to the next.  

Nice to have

A successful candidate will:

* Be a stellar writer with an ability to translate complex issues into clear language.

* Be receptive to feedback and use it as an opportunity to improve skills and grow in the role.

* Be humble in your approach towards learning by doing.

* Be confident in your ability to solve problems independently and make informed recommendations.

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