Director of Solution Architecture, Virtasant (Remote) - $240,000/year USD

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Are you a cloud guru who loves to solve challenging problems? Can you bridge the technology gap between a customer’s goals and their existing tech stack? If so, read on.

Virtasant is a technology company leveraging the power of public cloud platforms. We help clients optimize cloud spend, automate cloud migration services, provide fully-managed cloud services, build cloud-optimized applications, and more. Client solutions are the core of our revenue model, not software seats, hours of work, or cookie-cutter "deliverables."

As a senior member of our solutions team, you will work with clients worldwide to help them realize the power of the cloud. You will own the technical direction of client engagements, gaining constant exposure to new problems. Best of all, you will collaborate with some of the best cloud technologists in the world.

What you will be doing
  • Working directly with clients to understand their current tech stack, goals, and requirements–both technological and commercial
  • Developing tailored solutions to solve customer problems by leveraging the power of the public cloud
What you will NOT be doing
  • Working on the same application or tech stack for months on end 
  • Dealing with team management or recruitment responsibilities
  • Creating abstract solutions detached from business value and application
Key Responsibilities
  • Pinpoint the best cloud solutions for customer problems, creating business value that unlocks commercial goals.
  • Be the technical lead for engineering engagements, serving as a coach, guide, and mentor both for our team and the customer
Candidate Requirements
  • 2+ years writing production-quality code
  • 4+ years making key architecture and design decisions on software projects
  • 2+ years experience as a decision-maker for technical designs involving the use of cloud-computing services
  • Experience in a senior technical leader position in which you measurably influenced a software development organization of 10+ people
  • Based in North America
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$240k/year ($120/hour)



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