AI-Driven Learning Strategist
$100,000 USD/year Pay is set based on global value, not the local market. Most roles = hourly rate x 40 hrs x 50 weeks ($50 USD/hour)

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Are you ready to harness the power of AI to transform education and impact thousands of students' lives? We're not looking for traditional educators – we're seeking visionary problem-solvers who can wield cutting-edge AI to revolutionize learning across multiple subjects.

At 2 Hour Learning, we're not just reimagining education—we're revolutionizing it with undeniable results. Our AI-driven learning ecosystem is transforming K-12 education, harnessing cutting-edge advancements in learning science, motivational theory, and psychometrics to create a digital environment twice as efficient as traditional schooling. The proof? Our students consistently score 4s and 5s on five or more AP exams, advance more than one grade level annually on MAP tests, and shatter their learning goals.

Now, we're seeking a visionary problem-solver to join our mission of reshaping learning for the AI age. If you're energized by measurable results and ready to challenge educational norms, this is your frontier.

What you will be doing

  • Architecting and deploying AI-driven systems that analyze vast amounts of student data across subjects, uncovering insights that traditional methods miss.
  • Developing AI orchestrations to generate, evaluate, and quality-control educational content, ensuring our curriculum stays cutting-edge and effective.
  • Creating personalized learning pathways that adapt in real-time to each student's progress, cultivating critical thinking skills at an unprecedented pace.
  • Collaborating with our team of elite professionals to push the boundaries of AI-enhanced education, making traditional classrooms obsolete.

What you will NOT be doing

  • Sticking to outdated educational paradigms or relying on one-size-fits-all curricula.
  • Getting bogged down in administrative tasks or traditional classroom management.
  • Making incremental improvements to a fundamentally broken system.
  • Limiting yourself to small-scale changes or single-subject specialization.

Key responsibilities

Drive measurable improvements in student learning outcomes across multiple subjects through innovative application of AI technologies, transforming how K-12 students master subjects at twice the speed of traditional schooling.

Candidate requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Educational Technology, or a related field that bridges education and technology.
  • 3+ years of experience applying AI/ML technologies in an educational context, with demonstrable impact on learning outcomes.
  • Proficiency in Python or similar programming languages, with hands-on experience in AI/ML libraries and working with LLM APIs.
  • Proven ability to design and implement AI systems for tasks such as content generation, data analysis, or adaptive learning.
  • Strong analytical skills to interpret complex educational data and derive actionable insights.
  • Solid understanding of learning sciences and ability to apply this knowledge in AI-driven educational solutions.
  • Excellent communication skills, adept at explaining complex AI concepts to diverse stakeholders.

Nice to have

  • Experience with OpenAI APIs, Claude, Perplexity, or similar AI tools.
  • Familiarity with Jupyter or Colab notebooks for collaborative AI development.
  • Track record of innovation in EdTech or AI-driven educational products.
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