London, United Kingdom |  VP of Finance

Dave Harpur

I feel like I am at the heart of the action on a daily basis.
Dave Harpur, VP of Finance


Dave joined Crossover in April 2019 after proving he was a Top 1% talent, scoring high marks on our assessments that test for fit, intelligence, language, expertise and, most importantly, the ability to do the work. As a VP for Crossover’s client, Trilogy, Dave leads a team that produces high-quality external financial reports, and also helps with M&A due diligence. Learn more about what Dave likes about his job, how he’s grown and what he hopes is next.

Why did you apply to Crossover?

I applied to Crossover because I was looking for a new challenge. I had spent the previous seven years in senior finance roles in private equity portfolio companies mainly based in the UK, and wanted to work with a global business in an exciting, rapidly changing and growing industry like software technology. 

In layman’s terms, what do you do?

I am a Vice President in our Group Finance Team. I am responsible for reviewing external financial reporting and designing our finance processes to enable real-time reporting. In addition, I am heavily involved in our M&A activity through our due diligence processes.

What do you like most about what you do?

I know it is a cliche, but no day is the same. By being challenged every day, I feel that I have achieved something valuable. The business is constantly growing, and Group Finance is central to ensuring that happens in a controlled and profitable way. I feel like I am at the heart of the action on a daily basis. 

Have you grown professionally since you started? How?

Most definitely! We have a different approach to almost everything at Crossover. We solve problems differently, we think about business value differently, and we organize our processes and teams differently. At Crossover, I don’t feel constrained by the status quo or the traditional way of doing things. 

How has this job differed from your original expectations?

The most significant difference is the amount that I have learned since versus my original expectations. I wasn’t expecting to learn as much, not necessarily about finance, but rather about the amount of learning about how to lead, manage, solve problems and organize systems to deliver better quality and greater productivity has far outstripped my expectations. 

How would you describe your colleagues?

Smart, highly motivated, committed, and global! 

What’s working virtually like?

For the first week, it seemed a little odd to be 100% virtual. However, from the second week onwards it has become very normal. It is amazing how more efficient meetings are and how much more you can achieve in a day. 

How has this job changed your life overall?

It has helped me create a better work/life balance for my family. I still work hard, but I don’t have to commute for 2 hours per day. That time is now spent with my wife and daughter. 

Where do you see this opportunity leading? What’s next?

We are really shifting the paradigm in how finance is delivered in a large multinational organization. I firmly believe that we are doing things that no one else in the world is doing. I want to continue to push the boundaries in that arena and deliver value for the business. 

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