Is Crossover for Work a Scam? Nope! Here's the Evidence.
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Is Crossover for Work a Scam? Nope! Here's the Evidence.

by Andrew Allen, VP of Content Marketing
Is Crossover for Work a Scam? Nope! Here's the Evidence.
  • Is Crossover A Scam?
  • Are Crossover for Work Postings Legit?
  • Are Crossover Salaries Real?
  • Will I Always Have 40 Hours of Work?
  • Who is Crossover For?
  • What is the Work Environment Like at Crossover?
  • What Are Remote Jobs Like Through Crossover?
  • What Is The Hiring Process Like At Crossover?
  • What Do Successful Applicants Think Of Crossover?
  • Why You Should Work For A Crossover Client

When you see a remote work job ad that pays way more than you're currently making, you automatically think “What's the catch? Is this job for real?" Many candidates have asked Crossover this question. We thought we would list some things many candidates wished the knew about Crossover before they began their career here. Spoiler alert: Crossover is not a scam and Crossover is definitely NOT a fake company!

(Btw the person in this video isn't an actor. It's Crossover's VP of Content Marketing, who you can meet here.)

From a young age, we're all taught not to trust things that sound too good to be true.

So, then you see a full-time remote job offering way more cash than you're currently making, your B.S. alarm goes off. You're thinking: “What's the catch?" "Is this job for real?" "Can a WFH job pay that much?”

Don't worry, that's natural. We get it! Many of us had those same questions when we came across our jobs on Crossover too! We wanted to be certain Crossover was legit and not a scam before we committed time on our applications, just like you.

So, we made this article (and the video above) to pay it forward for others around the world who want to confirm that Crossover for Work is the real deal.

Keep reading to see concrete evidence that Crossover is a legit company, and those high-paying full-time remote jobs aren't too good to be true. The answer to "is Crossover a scam", is most definitely no!

Is Crossover A Scam?

Crossover is not a scam and Crossover is definitely NOT a fake company! Crossover is a recruitment company that was started in 2014. Our core belief is that remote work is inevitable for most industries and will revolutionize recruitment as companies expand their hiring radius from +/- 30km of a physical office, to the entire globe.

We believe that remote work is inevitable for most industries, but with any major shift within the workforce, it does come with certain growing pains. We're working to solve those on both sides, from juggling time zones to measuring productivity—so everyone can win and achieve their goals.

The companies we work with come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from the industry to the people and culture varies a lot, depending on which company actually hires you. So prepare yourself to work a little differently than you would have previously.

Are Crossover for Work Postings Legit?

Yes, Crossover for Work postings are legit, and Crossover is a real company. Sometimes you might see lots of ads on LinkedIn for the same job in different cities (at any time we can have up to 3,000 LinkedIn job ads live!). This might seem suspicious as first, but because job ads require a location, and we recruit people from all over the world, we need to post our ads in many cities in order to attract people from all over the world. Also, there are quite often multiple positions available for the same role, which is why job listings sometimes remain open over long periods of time, and aren't always 'closed' after someone is hired.

It's worth flagging that one notable difference between Crossover roles and most other jobs is that we don't hire employees. Candidates are hired as an independent contractors by the hiring company. This is the only way we can work with top talent all over the world regardless of their location. Don't worry if it's not something you're used to. Anyone can become a contractor, it's quite simple and you will love it once you see the entire gross paycheck arrive in your bank account!

Plus, if you’re successful in securing the role, you'll be able to connect with other contractors in your region who can help you find local tax advice to help your specific situation, and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Finally, you don't even have to keep time sheets or deal with invoices. We've streamlined all of that, so it's very easy.

Are Crossover Salaries Real?

As you will be a contractor, your pay will not be considered salary. But if you're asking if "is Crossover's high pay real?", then you could also ask are Silicon Valley salaries real? People in Silicon Valley have been earning serious pay for a very long time. Traditionally they have been seen by global companies as the “best talent in the world” (and if you’ve tried, you would know how difficult it is to even apply for those jobs)!

Crossover believes that a person’s value has nothing to do with their physical location. We think people should have access to the same opportunities no matter where they want to live. 

Our aim is to find and recruit only talent from the top 1% of the global talent pool – so companies can fill their team with rockstars! The pay is high because that's what the top people in the world are really worth. Even better, the pay is listed upfront and always 100% transparent, so everybody in the same role gets paid identically.

Pay is calculated on an hourly basis, so a $200,000/yr job works out to $100 per hour x 40 hours per week x 50 weeks a year (assuming 2 weeks off). Anyone in that role will receive $4,000 USD in their bank account each week that they work 40 hours (remember to set some aside for local taxes!) You do have the freedom to work fewer hours in a week, or take more than 2 weeks off if you wish—that's the benefit of being a contractor and not an employee!

If you're still unsure, check out Federico's experience about his pay. He is earning more in Uruguay now than he was living in London working for Morgan Stanley!

Will I Always Have 40 Hours of Work?

Yes. Almost all the positions we list are full-time, and these will always have 40 hours of work available per week. For part-time roles, the same principle is true for the agreed part-time hours. Also, because you're a contractor, you can always take time off or work less than your hours when you need to, but there are never going to be less than your agreed hours offered to you.

Who is Crossover For?

Crossover is for exceptionally talented people that love solving hard problems, being part of a team, and want a better job than they can access locally.

We’re not afraid to say our clients only work with the best of the best. There’s 8 billion people in this world, which means the top 1% at any given talent is 80 million people! And they’re located everywhere. This is why we specialize in remote-first opportunities with leading US organizations.

So, if you’re the best of the best, then you should apply for a remote job on Crossover.

What is the Work Environment Like at Crossover?

This depends on which company you work for—Crossover is a recruiter hiring for lots of different companies.

All team members we recruit for our clients strive to constantly better themselves, and work to the best of their abilities. This means they push themselves and give 100% during their 40 hour work week. It also means they are able to relax and enjoy their weekends without any work.

Saving hours every day commuting to the office also means increased time to reinvest with friends, family and on their passions.

What Are Remote Jobs Like Through Crossover?

Being recruited for a full-time remote job by Crossover has changed lives around the globe. We have really high quality standards that are hard to achieve—sort of like the Olympics of work. But those who are capable can double or triple their income, in addition to taking on challenging work at innovative tech companies like Trilogy (our largest client).

What's the work like? Let's hear from some of Trilogy's top software engineers:

What Is The Hiring Process Like At Crossover?

Crossover's recruitment methods may seem a little unusual when you first encounter them, but that's because we didn't want to replicate analogue recruitment in the remote world; we wanted to fix it. We reduced a lot of the admin for hiring managers by automating the shortlisting process (which has the added benefit of reducing bias). And we based our methods on 100 years of scientific research that proved a correlation between cognitive aptitude and high job performance. It may seem daunting—but so is qualifying for the Olympics. Similarly, our testing process identifies whether a candidate is in the top 1% of global talent well before the interview stage. The passing threshold for each assessment varies depending on the role, and is set by the hiring manager.

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What Do Successful Applicants Think Of Crossover?

The best way to prove that Crossover for Work is legit is to hear from those who would know best: candidates who have successfully been hired into remote full-time jobs.

  • Kieran Peppiatt from Vancouver, Canada is a SVP of Customer Support and told us that, "I like the challenges I face every day and I really like the paycheck. I can't stress that enough. I found the job I was born to do on Crossover." 


  • Malin Raman Delin from Dubai, UAE is a Strategic Analyst. She found juggling a high-powered career with the needs of a young family is no small feat. So she found a remote job on Crossover that empowers her with the flexibility to be a super Strategic Analyst and a super Mom at the same time.


  • Krystian Lieber from Warsaw, Poland was recently promoted to VP of Software Engineering at Trilogy, after 5 years as a Senior Software Engineer. He says "One of the most exciting things about working at Trilogy is the remote work culture."


  • Funmi Emore from Lagos, Nigeria has worked through Crossover for seven years, as an Operations Analyst at Aurea Energy. She told us "when I started, my manager allowed me to be able to bring my contributions on board. I was allowed to grow through my experiences and then just keep giving my best. Because the job will demand the best out of you."


These are only a selection of what successful applicants who currently work for Crossover clients, think about Crossover. Check out many more Rockstars who love their challenging full-time remote jobs (and work/life balance), thanks to Crossover.

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Why You Should Work For A Crossover Client

Hopefully we’ve answered your question "Is Crossover A Scam", and shown Crossover is a legit company. If you’re one of those who answered yes to all of the above you should know Crossover is not a scam, and we want you! We hope you’re excited about the opportunity to receive a great pay and remote career. 

If we've inspired you to become a remote work Rockstar, then head over to see the great roles available with our clients!

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