Inside Sales Representative, Trilogy (Remote) - $100,000/year USD

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You are a stellar salesperson seeking a thriving work environment that recognizes and rewards the quality you bring to your work every day. Do you want an assured weekly paycheck that delivers 100% of what your work is worth? Do you value the flexibility to craft your work hours to not exceed 40 hours per week and without being at the 24x7 beck and call of your customers? If so, you’ll love our Inside Sales team.

Traditional sales processes are broken. Strong salespeople get pushed into a single product and are often judged solely against numbers they did not set, as opposed to the quality of work they deliver. The constant need to give so much to your role to achieve even base compensation, let alone meeting arbitrary and unrealistic goals to earn additional income, will often end up burning out the best salespeople. At Trilogy, we created a super-effective sales process that cuts through all that and services customers who already use and love at least one of our 100+ products.

Forget about hidden goals that limit your compensation under the guise of a bonus. We don’t assess you based on how many deals you close, and we don’t penalize you if a customer chooses to walk away. We reward you based on how well you deliver defined expectations during sales calls.

If you have an eye for detail and can leverage our standardized processes to enhance your sales abilities, you will succeed here.

What you will be doing
  • Making high-quality renewal calls that ensure customers understand how our products solve their problems and are receiving all the benefits that each product provides
  • Acting as strategic advisor through the renewals process to assist customers maximize the return on their investment in our software products
What you will NOT be doing
  • Relationship-building. Customers don't care about grabbing a beer with you, they care about how well you know your products.
  • Wasting time on meaningless activities that come with many sales jobs: negotiating prices, project management, or time tracking.
  • Chasing commissions or drawing up invoices to get your earned compensation. We make assured weekly payments that enable you to do what you do best: sell.
Key Responsibilities
  • Ensure that our products continue to be the best fit for our customers’ needs
  • Provide valuable insights and recommendations that contribute to our customers’ success
Candidate Requirements
  • At least 5 years of total sales experience
  • At least 2 years software sales experience
  • Experience spending at least 75% of your time speaking directly with customers or prospects
  • A growth mindset and openness to feedback
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$100k/year ($50/hour)



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