Principal Software Engineer
$100,000 USD/year Pay is set based on global value, not the local market. Most roles = hourly rate x 40 hrs x 50 weeks ($50 USD/hour)

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Principal Software Engineer $100,000USD/year ($50 USD/hour)


The software development industry is rapidly evolving, driven by the imperative to enhance development speed, reduce human error, and elevate code quality. These enhancements are crucial as they correlate directly with faster product time-to-market and heightened customer satisfaction. The average time for software deployment has historically lagged due to traditional coding practices, with an estimated 30% of projects exceeding their timeline due to inefficiencies and errors.

IgniteTech is leading the transformation, integrating advanced GenAI technologies to redefine software architecture and development. Unlike traditional roles that focus on incremental improvements, this position offers the thrilling opportunity to lead pivotal AI-driven initiatives. You will be at the forefront of integrating AI to not just enhance, but revolutionize software development processes and outcomes, significantly boosting efficiency and competitiveness on a strategic level.

This role is designed for those who are driven to be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. It is not merely an operational or task-oriented position; it is a strategic role that involves extensive research and development, prototyping, and the application of AI in crafting next-generation software solutions. Ideal candidates are those who are not only proficient in AI and software architecture but are also visionary in their approach to leveraging technology for business innovation.

In this role, you will lead our team in shaping the architectural frameworks and strategies that integrate AI into our software solutions. This role is integral to our mission, and your work will directly influence the productivity and quality of our deliverables. We invite you to join us if you are passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology and eager to make a tangible impact in the software industry.

What you will be doing

  • Design the overarching architecture for AI-driven systems that automate complex aspects of software development, such as architecture generation, dependency management, and advanced predictive coding.
  • Deep dive into the latest developments in AI and software engineering by participating in R&D initiatives, attending conferences, and engaging with academic and professional communities. When a new AI technology comes out, we need to be among the first to know about it.

What you will NOT be doing

  • Routine Code Maintenance: Regular updating or debugging of existing software code to fix minor issues or improve functionality.
  • Standard Software Development: Basic coding or software development tasks that involve implementing straightforward features or functionalities without AI integration.

Key responsibilities

  • Use your engineering expertise to bring about a significant increase in development speed, reduction in human error, and improvement in code quality, ultimately leading to faster time-to-market for software products and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Candidate requirements

  • Professional experience leveraging multiple LLMs (ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude, etc.) and AI tools to automate manual tasks and boost your company's productivity (if you've only ever used ChatGPT, that's probably not enough)
  • At least 3 years of experience in software development
  • Proficiency in Python

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Kavya Harlalka
Kavya  |  Software Engineer

Every developer knows that tunnel vision you get when the interruptions finally stop and the code can flow through you without distraction. ...

Meet Kavya
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