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Kavya Harlalka

Every developer knows that tunnel vision you get when the interruptions finally stop and the code can flow through you without distraction. Kavya found a job where this method is embraced by everyone—let him tell you what that feels like.
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What's the best thing you've learned on the job?

In my previous job, I started coding and there's always some call or message that I have to attend to. That's not the case at Trilogy – even if your manager pings you, they expect you to be in deep work and not respond immediately. The quality of work can increase much more – if I could do something in eight hours in my previous job, at Trilogy I can do it in three hours.

Once you learn about deep work, you never want to go back to working normally after that. It's like tunnel vision. There is nothing else there in the world. It's just you and your PC right in front of you. The code is flowing through you.

Kavya Harlalka close-up with code reflected in his glasses

Why did you become a software engineer?

I have a passion towards the job, I have a passion towards coding. It's not something that's just a job for me. I started working in computer science at the age of 13. I used to solve algorithms that even my professors were unable to do.

Kavya Harlalka working

What was your experience of Crossover's process?

As a guy who's good at coding, there were a lot of options. In the first interview in all the organizations, they have a technical interview. That's a theoretical interview. They don't care about your practical application. But with Crossover that changes. The application process is completely practical and they actually check if you're good at the stuff you do.

I believe Crossover is a revolution, because it provides the option to do remote work and to do better quality work than everywhere else. A huge part of our life is spent at work. Revolutionizing your work is revolutionizing your life. Every day I get to do my best work because I got hired on Crossover.

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