Operations Analyst, Aurea Software (Remote) - $60,000/year USD

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Are you under-utilized in your role, maintaining the status quo? Would your talents be best leveraged in a role that requires you to put your thumbprint on the sales and marketing tech stack in ways that enable our demand generation strategy? Are you tired of being bored supporting a single product? Why support mature products that only require you to perform marketing ops maintenance when you can have the responsibility of solving new problems and defining our approach?

What you will be doing

Our portfolio of products serves vastly different business needs and targets vastly different audiences which means you will gain experience marketing a breadth of software. You will collaborate with the Sales and Marketing teams to execute our product growth strategy. You will be looked to as our first line of defense at identifying and solving issues within our sales and marketing tech stacks.  We launch a new product every 6 weeks which will require you to move quickly and learn to prioritize and work efficiently to enable smooth product launches.

What you will NOT be doing
  • Product Management: Making strategic decisions about the direction of a product or product strategy.
  • Creating the advertising or marketing strategy. 
  • Creating advertising copy, designing or developing websites, or other creative tasks.
Key Responsibilities

In this role, you will be responsible for working with our Sales and Marketing teams to: 

  • Be the point person to assess the health of current systems, functions, or capabilities
  • Identify and solve issues with existing sales and marketing systems 
  • Build and modify marketing and sales campaigns
  • Report on sales and marketing performance, you are a whiz with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
Candidate Requirements
  • SalesForce experience. You have some basic understanding and have used CRM platforms in the past.
  • Reporting experience. Building out reports in Salesforce, using Gsheets or BI tools such as Tableau.
  • Quick learner: While you may not be an expert (yet), you have an insatiable curiosity and learn quickly
  • Efficient Problem Solver: You are an expert in leveraging solutions discovered by others and applying them to current problems.
  • Meticulous: Must consider all implications of activating/deactivating features
  • Good communicator: able to collaborate with non-technical team members to translate functional requests into actionable improvements
Nice to have
  • Experience with Google Analytics or Google AdWords
  • Experience with Pardot, Marketo, Eloqua or other MAP's
  • Ability to read and understand HTML and CSS code such that they can help identify incorrect code
  • Experience with APEX development


$60k/year ($30/hour)



full-time Job

40 hours/week any timezone

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Long-term role

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More about this role