Lead Guide, Alpha - an EDU Startup (United States) - $150,000/year USD

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Imagine a school with no teachers, no lectures, no lessons plans... a place where students can learn at the right speed for them, rather than the average speed of the class. In the absence of teachers, classes are led by "guides" who serve to motivate, inspire, and encourage our students to achieve challenging academic goals (but in a fun way!).

Alpha is that school, and we are looking for an expert motivator to coach and develop our team of guides. Alpha makes three promises to students and their families: students will love school, students will learn 3-5x faster through the use of adaptive learning apps and learning science principles, and students will learn valuable life skills to supplement their academic training.

Our educational apps provide all the academic content students need, but we want to connect with them in ways that are more engaging than Minecraft or TikTok. This is where you come in—making our team of guides better at engaging and connecting with students. We believe the best guide coach is also the best guide. If you love working with kids and challenging them to meet their potential, then this job is for you.

If you are a creative entertainer who knows how to motivate kids, join our team and help us revolutionize education!

What you will be doing
  • Coach guides by providing feedback to improve the performance of each team member
  • Create playbooks that detail activities and instructions for the implementation of live sessions and best practices for virtual facilitation
What you will NOT be doing
  • Teaching students
  • Writing lesson plans
  • Interacting with parents
Key Responsibilities
  • Build a team to motivate students to love school, learn 3-5x faster than they would at a typical school, and learn valuable life skills through live workshops with guides
Candidate Requirements
  • Rich experience leading and motivating K-8 students
  • Legal right to work in the US without visa sponsorship and willingness to live in Austin, TX
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$150k/year ($75/hour)


United States

full-time Job

40 hours/week

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Long-term role