Public Relations Specialist
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Are you a PR professional with a keen editorial judgment and an ability to discern what truly makes a story worth telling, ensuring it's not only heard but also leaves an impact? If you're ready to leverage your exceptional writing skills, strategic acumen, and executive communication expertise to shape the image of Alpha Schools, we want you on our team!

Alpha Schools isn't just another player in the education field; we're a transformative force pioneering innovative approaches that blend cutting-edge technology with dynamic learning environments. We're on a mission to empower students to surpass their potential, and we need a PR specialist who can convey our story with precision and impact.

In this role, you will be the key architect of Alpha Schools' public image. This isn't about routine press releases; it's about crafting and executing ingenious media strategies, proactively building strong connections with fellow media professionals & journalists, and crafting compelling thought leadership content. Your writing prowess and strategic vision will be instrumental in portraying Alpha Schools in a positive and dynamic light. 

Beyond the daily tasks, this role offers something even more profound: the opportunity to be part of an organization committed to reshaping education. Your expertise will be the driving force behind our credibility in the education sector, and your work will impact how Alpha is perceived on a national stage.

If you possess the unique combination of PR expertise, exceptional writing abilities, and a passion for making a real impact in education, seize the opportunity to redefine Alpha Schools' narrative today! Join us on this transformative journey.

What you will be doing

  • Crafting and executing tailored media pitches to promote Alpha, ensuring our stories resonate with targeted media outlets
  • Generating press releases, thought leadership articles, and media kits that aptly represent and position Alpha in the educational sector
  • Building and nurturing relationships with key media figures, fostering genuine connections and maintaining outreach for positive coverage
  • Prepping executives for interviews, speaking engagements, and events

What you will NOT be doing

  • You won't be casting a wide net with generic media pitches - our PR strategy is about tailored, meaningful engagement
  • You won't be peddling the same old stories - you'll emphasize Alpha’s distinct narrative rooted in reshaping the educational paradigm

Key responsibilities

This role is responsible for shaping Alpha Schools' public image and enhancing its credibility in the education sector through strategic media engagement, while driving positive impact on the organization's reputation and mission.

Candidate requirements

  • At least 5 years of experience in public relations, preferably in media relations and engagement
  • Experience as a journalist, preferably in a technical environment
  • Experience creating content and executing media pitches
  • Experience building and maintaining relationships with journalists and media outlets

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Andrew Allen
Andrew  |  VP of Content Marketing
New Zealand  

Andrew had thought he had already lived his life's dream working on Broadway. His life is even better now he found a role with Crossover.

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