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Ali Mrzljak

Although Ali is in a sales role, she has been able to impact teams across the organization at Crossover’s clients companies from marketing to engineering and support. She told us about the ways in which her manager encourages her to develop her unique skills, and what she is learning from the dynamic teams at Crossover. She also described how her compensation at Crossover has allowed her to provide for her family in Croatia, a country with few high-paying opportunities despite having a talented workforce.
Ali Mrzljak, Inside Sales Representative

Tell us about your team.  How have your colleagues (teammates, managers, direct reports) helped you grow?

The leadership that I have the pleasure of working with and for is the absolute best, barre none. My manager knows the difference between what it means to teach and what it means to guide.

Our manager guides us to where we "must be" when it comes to results, but allows us to experiment with different approaches to get there. This is a true style of leadership at its best; because of this, I have had the opportunity to build some really creative solutions.  I am in a sales position but I have had the chance to voice my opinion when it comes to marketing material and have worked hand in hand with the VP of Marketing to create new customer-facing material. 

Thanks to Skype, I have built and maintained amazing relationships with some of the brightest individuals in our Technical Support team: located in Romania and Uruguay. They have taught me about API connections between databases, international security requirements and how they relate to PII regulations, and our product roadmap and how we plan to achieve those goals. With their help and support, I have grown within my role and am now able to relate to our customers worldwide, recognizing how important their needs are and how we and our technical team are able to ensure those needs are met. 

Our team here is outstanding, I speak daily with those in Marketing, Technical Support and Leadership. Having the ability to converse cross-departmentally impacts our team and myself directly-ever learning, ever-growing.

Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

Absolutely. I have family in Croatia (a country 4 million citizens), where the average pay per month is around $500 USD (working 48 hours/week). The education is top-notch; however, because of the limited opportunities families are "forced" to start over in another country to put food on the table. This is something many Americans take for granted - the endless opportunities that we have - something that foreign citizens dream of having. Crossover is an answer to those dreams. 

With the compensation I am able to make while working remotely, I now have the opportunity to visit my family in Croatia. I am able to provide for them, helping them to pay bills and ensure a "normal" life in which they aren't just dependent on surviving with $300 USD a month. 

This is my personal story on how Crossover has helped me and my family abroad. However, look at our partners across the globe and they will all have similar stories on how Crossover impacted them, giving them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to earn a living without having to leave their family and grow for years to come within a flourishing environment.

Crossover focuses on acquiring the top talent, regardless of where the individuals reside. In turn, they give hope and opportunities to people like me around the world.

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