Barcelona, Spain |  VP of Software Engineering, Trilogy

Gisela Alessandrello

As a young child, Gisela was already coding drivers for cameras. Four years ago, she landed a role on Crossover as a software engineer, and she's been working remotely in Barcelona ever since. In 2021, she experienced massive growth in both her career and her family life—just wait 'til you hear her story!
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Gisela walking along the beach in Barcelona with her family

How did you get started in Engineering?

I was born in Argentina, I studied to be a software engineer at a university in Buenos Aires. Now, I live in Barcelona, Spain.

Since I was very young, I was the one with the computer all day. My sister and parents used to ask "Why are you all day behind a computer?"

I was coding, and nobody understood what I was doing. I was doing C++ scripts, drivers for cameras, very hard coding things. My sister says that I am from another world because she believes I'm too smart.

But working at Trilogy, you realize that you are not the smartest person in the room.

Gisela talking

How did your career progress?

I've worked at Trilogy for four years now. At the beginning, I was engineering, producing work, receiving units, and delivering work units, delivering reports. I was working as an individual contributor, became a software engineering lead one year after joining. And then, after two more years working like that, I started working more on the strategy and understanding how to make design decisions on the process, on different products that we own and engineering party imports.

I was promoted to VP and now I run multiple teams. I can say that I'm very happy right now in my life. I think that I found a place where I can be myself. You can find yourself working hard, but not working crazy hours.

Gisela and family at home

How do you manage work and home life?

When I heard that I was pregnant, I was very, very concerned about my career. I was telling to myself, “Okay, is it possible to be a woman to become a mom and raise a child and be successful at work?” It is possible if you set your priorities.

And working at Trilogy made it very, very easy. You can work hard, but you have dedicated time where you spend time on it. And then after that, you can go play tennis, you can go raise your kids, and enjoy these different aspects of life that I think make me be super, super happy at this time.

So ultimately, I gave birth and got promoted in the same year thanks to finding my dream job on Crossover.

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