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Marvin Calido

Marvin C told us “Crossover has truly turned my world upside down and changed me forever.” His compensation has doubled at Crossover, allowing him to provide for his family in new ways.
Marvin Calido, QA Manual Tester

What were you looking for personally and professionally when you decided to join Crossover?

Crossover has given me the opportunity to receive income not based on geographical standards, but on the value my talent truly deserves. My compensation has doubled. I was able to buy my parents an SUV, something I had wanted to do for them as a token of thanks for their hard work for us. I was able to help my mom pay our loans from my studies. And we got our first air conditioning unit ever! It’s funny, but you don’t know how much that means to people who were not born into a family that could afford such amenities. And Crossover gave me more time to pursue my passion as one of the ministry leaders in our local church.

Before Crossover, I had spent many years of my career commuting four hours a day (by jeepney, bus, tricycle, and pedicab) from my town to Manila for office jobs. This left my body exhausted and burned out. I thought this would have to be my routine if I wanted to help my family thrive. But everything changed when I made one of the smartest decisions in my career, which was to join Crossover.

Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

Absolutely. Crossover has given my family hope that we could not only survive, but thrive. We have been able to pay most of our loans. I am slowly saving up for my future, and hope to buy my own house soon.

In what ways have you grown professionally during your time at Crossover?

My teammates have helped me grow a lot, because they complement my skills and experience with expertise of their own. Aside from this, my technical knowledge has increased; having a standard quality bar in creating and executing test cases has allowed me to improve to meet an objective standard. 

Working at Crossover has also allowed me to grow professionally in terms of time management, which is something no one can teach you in a remote environment except for yourself. Managing time and discipline without physical supervision and monitoring is a challenge we all accept here at Crossover.

Also, I used to have to commute every day to Manila for a role that paid less than half of my Crossover role. Getting these 20 hours of commuting time back has been invaluable. More than the income that I receive, Crossover has given me a chance to redeem what money cannot buy:  time. Professionally, this means that I have been able to dedicate some of that additional time to personal development, and I have gained new skills that have translated into my professional life.

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