Philippines |  L1 Customer Support Agent

Mikael Fermin

Mikael Ian graduated from Crossover’s Remote Camp in July of 2018. For him, Crossover has been “quite frankly the answer to all of our family's financial security problems and all other problems,” transforming his family from being on the brink of losing their home to reaching financial security and sending all four of his children to private school. He told us more about what his Crossover compensation has meant to his family, and how the culture of continuous improvement and support have continued beyond Remote Camp and into every day on his current team.
Mikael Fermin, L1 Customer Support Agent

In what ways have you grown professionally during your time at Crossover?

I have never wasted an opportunity to take on new challenges and learn new skills at Crossover, starting from Crossover’s Remote Camp in July 2018. I am very pleased to say that because of Crossover's unorthodox and unique way of transferring knowledge (through paired sessions, coaching sessions with Customer Support Managers, etc.), I have never been more confident in my technical skills and abilities for my role.

At Crossover, people never think twice about giving you the recognition you deserve for your hard work - which you do not get very often at other companies. Yes, our company is highly metric-driven and we are fast-paced, but at Crossover you will never be put in a situation without receiving the help and resources you need to perform your job well.

Has your compensation at Crossover impacted your lifestyle in any meaningful way?

Yes; I am so grateful that I am finally able to provide more than enough for my family. It all started three years ago when I left the corporate world and started doing remote jobs related to my previous roles in telecommunications. Because I had the relevant experience, it was quite easy to find a job in the beginning; however, everything started to fall apart for me because of job stability. I realized that it is not because I do not have the skills or experience for the job, but because not all remote work employers can actually afford to stay in the business and provide job stability. I regretted leaving the corporate world, where I could at least provide for my family. There were months when I could hardly provide food and pay for our bills because I could not find a stable job. We had been sent demand letters after demand letters because we were behind on our mortgage payments.

We almost lost our house.

Then Crossover came to our lives this year. 

To me, having this job quite frankly is the answer to all of our family's financial security problems and all other problems. Because of Crossover we did not lose our house. We are now able to send our kids to a decent private school, and more importantly help our relatives that are in need. 

I am motivated every day to excel as an L1 Customer Support Agent and to continue learning and growing so I am able to provide our customers with the best possible service that they deserve. 

I am so grateful for the opportunity to now be part of the elite talent at Crossover, comprised of the best-of-the-best from around the world. 

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