Romania |  SVP of Software Engineering, Trilogy

Mircea Strugaru

Mircea was one of the first people ever hired through Crossover! Find out how he got the computer bug from his father. Find out how he took a leap of faith to advance his career, and is now SVP of Software Engineering at Trilogy.
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Watch Interview

Tell us a little about your background prior to joining Trilogy

My father was the head of the computer science department at our local university. I got the bug from him. I was playing with computers that weren't plugged in, fascinated by the keyboards. I started as a developer, and then I became an architect. Finally, I started managing different products.

How did you hear about Crossover?

I actually had the opportunity to meet with the CEO of Crossover! I understood his vision to build a fully global remote workforce. I realized this will be the future, so I decided to take a leap of faith and joined him. I was among the first 10 people who were hired to help build Crossover.

The thing that I really appreciated when I moved across over was this immediate access to global talent. That was absolutely mind blowing. And I realized that the best people that I used to have in my local team were way below the 50% bar in my new organization.

Mircea telling us about his leap of faith with Crossover

How do you see the future of work?

I believe that the future of work is made up of a system where you replace the need for people to explain themselves to the others, by having well-defined interfaces, essentially building an organization like a software system.

Any recommendations for other Romanians who want a remote job?

Romania has a very large technical community, with a lot of people working in our strong university centers like Timisoara, Bucharest, Cluj. If you’re passionate about technology and you feel like you need to grow your career, apply to Crossover and you'll be able to do it from your own city.

Mircea in Dubai

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